Benefits of a Luxury Cruise from Fethiye

A luxury cruise Fethiye offers a lot of advantages than shared cruises. With a luxury cruise you can expect quality of service and accommodations. Alaturka Yachting & Travel, a Fethiye based company offering these kinds of cruise packages understand the personal needs of their clients and they know exactly how to provide for the needs tourists are accustomed to.

Unique or Simple Experiences
With a luxury cruise Fethiye you can also expect unique experiences because it can show you the Turkish peninsula in a very distinctive way. There are a lot of choices open for you and you can opt for the most unique or the simplest, whatever suits your needs. Whether you are just wanting to relax and see the sights or you want to include extras like watersports, land tours and Turkish belly dancers – all of this can be catered for.

Special Itineraries
A luxury cruise Fethiye can also provide you with the option to select your own agenda or itinerary. This means that you have the say in where you will go, where you will stay and for how long you are going to stay at one stop. This is all planned with the advice of extremely experience staff who know these waters like the back of their hand. They will be able to suggest routes and what is physically possible for a yacht of your chosen size. Such privilege allows you to truly enjoy a very special cruising experience.

Everything Included
One other benefit of luxury cruise Fethiye is that you wouldn’t have to worry about provisions and other basic necessities. Everything you will ever need will be right there waiting for you. You only have to bring yourself, your friends and of course your swimsuits. This means that you have paid for everything and there is no need to worry about extra expenses once you are sailing in the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The Best Turkish Cuisine
Since you are going for a luxury cruise Fethiye you should also expect to dine five-star style. Your meals are going to be prepared and cooked by a very experienced chef and then served by the most courteous service crew. You may even be given the option to choose the cuisine of your preference. But it best recommended to take advice from the company as to what cuisine or meal to choose.
Lastly, a luxury cruise Fethiye is the best option because it gives you the chance to enjoy exclusivity. You wouldn’t have to share the vessel, as you are renting it for the duration of your choice. You also wouldn’t have to wait for the services as the captain and the crew are just there to answer your queries and to provide you with all your on board needs. A luxury cruise Fethiye is indeed one of the best choices when you want to experience Turkey in the most comfortable way.