The joys of a private yacht charter in Turkey

Private yacht charters Turkey is one of the best ways to spice up your vacation in this country. If you are traveling to or you are in Turkey. there really is nothing better than floating on jade blue waters for a week sipping on your favorite cocktail and watching the sunset in the horizon. This is just the beginning…. luxury awaits on a private yacht charter in Turkey.

Total control
By chartering a private yacht in Turkey, you get total control of your holiday. From the port you depart from, the yacht you travel on and the itinerary you take. Moments on a private yacht charter in Turkey are never dull, it’s very much like a choose your own adventure.


Whether you want to swim, partake in watersports or simply relax on the sundeck of your gulet – all of this is at the doorstep of your moving hotel! By deciding on a private yacht charter over a cabin cruise you also get a lot more flexibility during your trip.


As it’s completely your holiday, if you decide you like one bay over another, you can communicate with your captain and we can change your itinerary during your cruise.

Comforts of home
If you charter a private yacht in Turkey, you simply open doors to options and a lot of luxury. From comfortable sitting spaces to elegantly designed cabins, your journey with Alaturka will be comfortable and extremely relaxing. Our gulets are equipped with kitchens, large sundecks, indoor lounge areas, bars and ensuite bathrooms. All the comfots of home and even more are compacted into your gulet ready to take you on a beautiful sea adventure.

Indoor lounge inside a luxury gulet
Indoor lounge inside a luxury gulet

Great Rates
Depending on the size of the gulet and class, guests can get great value for money. In many people’s minds private yacht charter means expensive and something only rich people can do! This is not the case at Alaturka. We have gulets and itineraries to suit all budgets for private yacht charters in Turkey. Prices begin at 3000 euro per/week for a standard yacht that can house 12 guests. That’s just 250 euro per person for a one week holiday! Which works out cheaper than staying at a hotel!

So what are you waiting for, book your private yacht charter in Turkey with Alaturka today!

What is a gulet?

So you’re planning a trip to Turkey and have read reviews online, heard through friends or met fellow travellers who have recommended a gulet cruise while visiting Turkey. But what is a gulet? Here is a helpful guide to teach you about Turkish gulets and why it’s the best tour on the water!

A Turkish gulet, pronounced goo-let is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel. Similar boats can be found in the Mediterranean, as well as the Aegean and Croatian sailing waters. Made on the south-western coast of Turkey, particularly in the coastal towns of Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris it is extremely unique way to spend your holiday.

Gulets vary in length, height, depth and breadth and it is believed that no two gulets are identical. They range in size typically from 14 to 35 metres and can comfortably carry/sleep between 4 to 32 people. Cabin layouts vary; Alaturka have gulets that boast double, twin, triple and even quad rooms for families. Nowadays, most gulets are not rigged for sailing, instead use diesel engines however our crew try to do most of the long cruising in the early hours so guests can make the most of their time swimming, exploring on land and relaxing.

All our gulets are equipped with every luxury and amenity to create a magical holiday at sea. Turkish Gulets have a spacious sundeck, perfect for soaking up the sun and appreciating the views as you cruise the blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean. They also feature wide corridors, comfortable below deck cabins with en suite bathrooms, spacious indoor saloon, a bar (below or above deck) and plenty of outdoor cushioned lounging areas, where guests spend most of their time. On Alaturka gulets we enjoy delicious meals alfresco at a large table and provide plenty of shaded areas, allowing our guests to spend the majority of their time on the deck.

Alaturka offer private charters on Turkish gulets which have all been used for a variety of functions including:

  • Weddings and honeymoons
  • Birthday parties
  • Group & family holidays
  • Bucks and Hens getaways
  • Work breakups and team building
  • Corporate functions and meetings

We also have many couples, families and individual travellers choosing to travel on a cabin cruise with a pre-planned itinerary and like-minded travellers. Whatever your party size we can cater for you. Our Turkish gulets come in several different classes; standard, mid-range, luxury and deluxe.

For more information on our Turkish gulets please visit our fleet page or email us on

A luxury traditional Turkish gulet
A luxury traditional Turkish gulet

Gulet Cruises in Turkey – which port should I depart from?

It’s a great experience to explore mother nature on a natural vehicle, especially the beautiful coastal area of Turkey on a wooden gulet.  While embarking on Gulet cruises in Turkey, you come across different ports, historical ruins, stunning landscapes, fishing villages, sandy beaches and lots more! This is a regular travel place for tourists and the four main cruise ports are Bodrum, Fathiye, Gocek and Marmaris. But how to decide on which port to depart from? We’ve provided a bit more information on each destination to help you decide!

The first journey to mention, is a gulet cruise beginning in Bodrum; one of the most popular tourist spots. Previously it was named Halicarnassus of Caria, a very old and well known port city which is located in the south eastern area of Turkey. Let’s enter Bodrum to visit the famous spots:

  • Mausoleum: The city was very famous in the ancient times for Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the seven wonders. This is in fact an open-air museum which bears testimony to the achievements of the ancient people and attracts tourists from across the globe.


  • Amphitheater: The amphitheater was built at the time of Mausolus. The place has sitting arrangement for 13000 people and was modified by the Romans.


  • Castle: A castle is found here which was crafted by the Crusaders in the 15th century. The castle floors are embedded with various under water archeology.


  • Ottoman Tower: This tower was made in 1794 to defend the shipyard of the city from the pirates.


  • Myndos Gate: The historical gate enclosed within four towers was built by Mausolus in the year 364 B.C., to protect the city from Alexander the great and his troop.


Bodrum harbour, a popular jump off point for the famous gulet cruises
Bodrum harbour, a popular jump off point for the famous gulet cruises

Gulet cruises in Turkey also depart from Fethiye, the next destination to note. This is a famous tourist centre comprising of natural beauties such as the very old Lycian towns. There are many boutique restaurants within this city. Tuesday is an important day at Fathiye as you can shop for plenty of things ranging from designer garments to fresh vegetables. For this reason this harbor town is also known as a shoppers’ paradise. Again, the Taurus Mountain which surrounds the city is a haven for paragliders. The city also houses Oludeniz, a very popular beach, which, with its calm waters, is a must-visit destination for photographers.

Now it’s time to check out Gocek, a natural village located at the top of Gulf of Fathiye. Many private charters and gulet cruises depart from this port. The bays at Gocek encircle plenty of small islands. These bays join with each other to offer a splendid view in different shades of green and blue.

For Gulet cruises in Turkey, another convenient sailing destination is Marmaris, which is home to many different bays and also offers you enjoyment in the form of nightlife, shopping and restaurants. On the whole, every departing port is both a must-see and plenty to see.

Deciding on which port or gulet cruise in Turkey to board can be a tough one, but the friendly staff at Alaturka will happily talk through your options including flights to these ports and itineraries available. Contact us at for more details.

Kekova Gulet Cruise & the Sunken City

Kekova – a small uninhabited island in Turkey. It’s a beautiful vacation spot, in the Antalya province, facing sunken ruins of an ancient town dated back to the 2nd century. It offers enticing views of serene blue waters, mystifying ancient ruins, with an opportunity to dive in the calm waters where permitted.

To get to Kekova, people mostly prefer the well-known gulet cruises that sail along the various islands, harbours, and bays of the Mediterranean. For those who don’t know, a gulet is a traditional wooden sailing vessel, popular for tourist and private yacht charters. Turkey is famous for these cruises where people can go for gulet cruises along the Turkish Riviera, with Kekova being a favorite spot among the tourists. It is a custom to spend the vacation taking blue cruises or private yachts along these wonders, and why not, considering the natural beauty this country has been bequeathed with.

Several gulet cruises allow one to sail to and from this island, including the Fethiye-Kekova-Fethiye gulet cruise which takes about one week to complete. This gulet cruise stays for a day at the Tersane Bay, where one can explore the ruins of a Byzantine church and Roman dockyard. At night, the cruise sails back to Gokayya, but not before the adventurists have had time to enjoy swimming and snorkeling amongst the mackerel and jacks as well as the ancient foundation stones of the Lycian city long gone.

The Alaturka gulet cruises take people from diverse backgrounds to the un-spoilt coves of Kekova for a reasonable price of 350pp only which includes a round trip from Fethiye. The Fethiye harbour itself is the point where the azure Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea, and the gulet cruise stops at several sites along the Mediterranean.  You can also gather family and friends and book a private yacht charter by selecting your favourite gulet with 3 or more cruise members onboard. The options include standard gulets, air conditioned gulets and luxury yachts as well.

Other highlights include paragliding over Oludeniz (depending on the weather), visits to Butterfly Valley, St Nicholas Island, Yesilkov with its bay surrounded by lush olive trees, Kas, climbing over Simena Castle and viewing a Lycian sarcophagus in all its glory, Ucagiz Village, Bayindir Bay, Kalkan which is a harbour town with its old world charm and cobbled streets and Camli Burun encircled by pine covered hills.

A mixture of history and nature, flora and fauna, the old world and the new, mystery and charm, don’t miss out on this opportunity to fully immerse oneself in this remote part of Turkey. Take a chance with the multitudes from around the globe flocking to Kekova to get the most out of their vacations, all of this at a reasonable price and with many luxuries available on board.

The island of Kekova
The island of Kekova