Most Popular and Exciting Things to Do In Fethiye

If you are planning to visit Turkey and contemplating the things to do in Fethiye, you should prepare yourself to be amazed with what’s in store for you. Fethiye is simply a tourist paradise. It boasts of numerous attractions and breathtaking sights that will surely keep every visitor wanting to coming back. With all the many things to do in Fethiye, the top things have been chosen and listed down to help leisure travellers in planning their Turkey holiday vacations. In no particular order, here are the top  things to do in Fethiye:


Strolling in the Fethiye Old Town

One of the most important things to do in Fethiye – and probably the most natural – is to visit the Fethiye Old Town. Here you will get to enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Old Town as you get mesmerised with the number of shops where you can browse and buy souvenirs. To sum up your Old Town sauntering, you can get comfortable with a few drinks at the Deep Blue Bar.


Fethiye Old Town
Fethiye Old Town

Climbing up to the Fethiye Rock Tombs

If you are a bit of an adventurer, climbing up the Lycian rock tombs could be one of your choices for the things to do in Fethiye. Once you are there, you will enjoy the magnificent views of the Fethiye marina and the entire bay area.


Boating Trips

Going for boat trips is another popular adventure to experience in Fethiye. Among the many things to do in Fethiye, boating is probably one that offers the best value for your money. For six-seven hours, you can enjoy free lunch and five leisurely swim stops. You have the option to go boating with other tourists on board a big boat, or you can also enjoy maximum privacy by hiring a private boat.


Swimming in Fethiye Beaches

Your Fethiye vacation should be included with a swimming escapade in one or two of the best beaches in Fethiye. Your choices include; Samanlik bays, Aksazlar Bays, Boncuklu, Oludeniz and Kuleli.


Shopping at the Fethiye Market

Have you ever tried visiting a new country or location without taking a peek into the local market? That of course, is not a good idea especially if you are the kind of tourist that really wants to feel and experience local life. And visiting the local market is definitely one of the best things to do in Fethiye. Here you can shop at your heart’s content as you get to experience Fethiye’s shopping haven.


A Turkey vacation is never complete if you are not going to set foot in Fethiye. And your Fethiye experience is never going to be fulfilling if you ignore the best things to do in Fethiye. For more activities and things to do in Fethiye email us at

The Best Gulets in Fethiye

Fethiye is a traditional town that boasts an excellent harbour. It is considered to be an international center for cruises and yachting. Whether you are travelling with your friends, companion or family, a sailing or a cruising trip on the Mediterranean, travelling on a gulet in Fethiye can offer you an experience like no other.

Gulets are essentially sailing vessels that are smaller than two beamed yachts. They are normally made by hand using mahogany, oak, teak wood and pine. These gulets are known to be extremely strong and trendy and are primarily built for cruising purposes. The classic ones offer a wide deck, sun lounges, luxurious and comfortable cabins equipped with modern day equipment. Modern day gulets are also known to come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can range from anything between 3-star gulets to 5-star gulets.

Most of the standard gulets in Fethiye offer decently sized accommodation for as many as 32 guests in their 16 air conditioned cabins that have been designed to suit your needs and preferences. The spacious front deck also allows enough space for socialising and having a great time while on-board. Furthermore, guests have the option of using the windsurfers and canoes or other amenities that may be available on board to make the most of the glorious surrounding sea. There are also smaller gulets to suit a range of group sizes.

The best gulets in Fethiye can be found on the Alaturka directory. Some of our most popular gulets in Fethiye include:

Alaturka 81 is a beautiful gulet boasting eight large cabins with ensuite bathrooms and home-style showers. Fully renovated in the winter of 2013, it can cater for 16 guests, has a large indoor saloon and both sun and shaded deck. The gulet also features a large alfresco dining area and bar. This is one of our most popular gulets in Fethiye and often needs to be booked months in advance.

Vivere is a luxury gulet in Fethiye equipped with many luxuries including front and rear alfresco dining areas, large entertainment system in the saloon and fully stocked bar. Vivere has seven cabins, a mix of double and twin and is one of the larger gulets in Fethiye harbour.

Ece Arina is one of the newest gulets in Fethiye and a new member to the Alaturka fleet. It has a capacity of up to 10 passengers and stocked with many adventure activites including wake board and skiis, kayak and ringo tube. Understandably it is a favourite with families who have younger children. The indoor saloon is also equipped with a comfortable couch with entertainment system for movies and music.

Ece Arina Gulet
Ece Arina Gulet

Esma Sultan 1 is the finest gulet in Fethiye but also departs from other harbours including Marmaris and Gocek. When you think of Esma Sultan, luxurious and deluxe springs to mind. It is jam packed with all the luxuries of home and more! From cabins featuring their own entertainment systems to a jacuzzi on deck, guests will feel totally pampered.
This yacht can hold up to 14 guests and have a multi lingual crew on board.


Fethiye is a large harbour and is home to many standard and luxury gulets. And what’s more, Alaturka is based in Fethiye, so gulets in Fethiye are our speciality. To book one of the above gulets or get more information about our other fantastic gulets in Fethiye please email us at

Top things to do in Fethiye

Vibrant Fethiye is a well-known jump off point for the infamous Mediterranean blue cruises in Turkey. From here you can begin to sail around Turkey in luxury exploring all the natural aquatic wonders this beautiful country has to offer. A trip to Olympos, Rhodes, and the 12 Islands are only a few of the magical places that are just a short sail away.

Nevertheless, there are many more attractions that bring people to this charming town throughout the year. From historical sites scattered in the town centrum and surrounds, to the world famous beaches – you will not be sorry you have booked to stay more than one night. Here’s our top things to do in Fethiye:

Kaya Koy & Afkule Monastery
Fethiye has a rich history engrained into every aspect of the town and villages surrounding. For those keen to learn about Fethiye’s interesting history and roots a visit to Kaya Koy should be on your list. A short drive from Fethiye, Kaya Koy is an abandoned Greek settlement that was abandoned after the population swap following World War 1. White concrete houses cover the hillsides, as well as beautiful old Greek churches. Take a walk through the ruins and pop down the hill afterwards for a drink and the famous Turkish pancake, Gozleme.
For those feeling energetic there is a beautiful walk from the top of Kaya Koy, all the way to Oludeniz. This takes 2-3 hours.
A short distance from Kaya Koy is the monastery of Afkule. This is a well hidden gem, sitting atop of the cliffs and impressive views over the Mediterranean. The walk is rough, so take good walking shoes. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes from the main road up to the monastery walking.

Camping at Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley is located at the bottom of a large cliff in the Taurus Mountain range nearby the famous Oludeniz beach. Basically untouched, Butterfly Valley is made up of large looming mountains that drop straight into the blue and aqua waters below, a small sandy beach and a few huts for people to stay in overnight. With no road leading into Butterfly Valley, it is only accessible by boat or a difficult trek from Faralya. For those looking for a more exotic experience, pack a tent and catch the small water taxi to Butterfly Valley to spend the night. You will be amazed at how peaceful it is with the beautiful Turkish sky lighting the night.

Stay in Butterfly Valley
Stay in Butterfly Valley

Shop at Fethiye Paspatur
Not only is Fethiye full of rich history, but markets and local shops selling everything from Turkish kilms to Turkish delights. The shops of the old town of Fethiye are owned and ran by locals, often pieces are one of a kind and at a very reasonable price.  The local markets nearby also sell genuine fake watches, clothes and handbags. The only problem with shopping is hoping you have saved enough space in your bag to get home!

Visit Saklikent Gorge
Perfect for a hot summer’s day, Saklikent is a 300 meter deep and 18km long gorge which suggests it is one of the largest on the world. The waters of the gorge come from the melted snow of the Taurus Mountains and are amazing to walk through in the peak of summer. There is also tube rides or many cafes to hang your legs over the rocks into the cool waters. To enter the gorge is 5TL but the rest of the park is free. Buses depart from Fethiye regularly throughout summer and also visit Yaka National Park and Tlos Ancient City.

Paragliding over Oludeniz
Babadag (Father Mountain) towering above the magnificent Oludeniz on the Southwest coast of Turkey is considered one of the best flying points in the world for paragliding. Beginners to the most experienced pilots in the world travel to Turkey to experience this thrill seeking activity with one of the best back drops to the 45 minute glide.. Jumping from 1600 – 2000 feet and flying over Oludeniz beach and the famous Blue Lagoon, it is without a doubt something NOT to be missed.  Alaturka offer both pick up and drop off to your hotel in Fethiye with their paragliding trips.

Jump on a blue cruise
We highly recommend not to miss a Fethiye to Olympos 4 day/3 night blue cruise, it will change your life! However if you are short on time, there are also day boat trips available. Some of the sites you can see on one of the day blue cruises include St Nicholas Island, Butterfly Valley, 12 Islands and the Fethiye Blue Cave. Alaturka offer trips on both double decker boats and sailing gulets.

Day trip to Rhodes
A short boat trip away is the Greek Island of Rhodes. Ferries depart from the Fethiye harbour throughout summer in the morning and return in the afternoon. Rhodes is full of history, cafes, beautiful beaches and shopping delights. A day return ticket to Rhodes from Fethiye on the ferry costs 60 euro and is suggested to be booked at least 1-2 days in advance. For high season it is suggested booking at least one week in advance.

Pamper yourself
Especially for those travelling for a while you may have started to look a bit fatigued – Fethiye has an abundance of hairdressers, barbers and nail bars. Get your hair washed and blow dried for around 15TL or get a close shave for not much more. Why not go the full extent and have a Turkish bath (Hamam). For around 30TL have a steam, sauna, exfoliation and bubble bath massage. You will feel a million bucks afterwards!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Fethiye is full of fun and activities for those active travellers or close to many private bays for those who would like to relax and enjoy the sunshine. For more tips or more activities in Fethiye email or check the Alaturka Turkey Fethiye Tours page

Marmaris Private Charters

Marmaris…It is yet another popular tourist hotspot amongst the many that dot the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Located in the Mugla province, this scenic spot on the Turkish Riviera is ensconced between two sets of mountains. Previously a fishing town, it is now known for its unique geography and its nightlife, renowned for the sailing and diving activities in its two major marinas.
Though a sleepy old town, it is easily accessible via the multitude of blue cruises taking visitors to and from Marmaris. Turkey is famed for these cruises, where people from around the globe come with great gusto to enjoy the various beaches and port towns located along the Mediterranean.
Alaturka offers a variety of attractive packages during the tourism season of May to mid October, from standard class gulets to deluxe. Private yacht charters in Marmaris is an attractive option for those who want to gather family and friends and all travel together. The trips last for one week and there are a variety of itineraries to choose from.
A popular Marmaris private charter includes the Fethiye to Marmaris return trip. Starting from Fethiye harbour, a busy port and an important stop for yachts, this tour starts off with a visit to Tersane Island. At Tersane guests enjoy a view of the antique remains of Greek and Roman shipyards on the beach, we will then stay at Ag Limani bay. Then the private yacht sets off to Ekincik area, with an option to take the Kaunos trip, with its centuries old history. It was a city of ancient Caria, and dates back to roughly 4th century BC. The mystical ruins can be easily visited by a boat trip, giving tourists a chance to immerse not only in the natural beauty but also the enchantment of an era long gone.
After swimming at the Turunc Buku, we finally arrive at Marmaris, also an ancient city and part of Caria. With a panoramic view of mountains, azure waters, and features like the Nimara Cave, time passes very quickly here, before its time to say goodbye and set off to Semizce the next day.
Further highlights include the beautiful Gocek Bay followed by the Batik Hamam Bay where travellers have the one of a kind experience of swimming not just in the peaceful sea, but also amid the ruins of ancient Roman baths. This is followed by a visit to Sarsala bay, a night stay at the Samanlik bay, before finishing the round trip by arriving back at Fethiye.

Ruins at Hamam Bay
Ruins at Hamam Bay

It is worthwhile to note that private yacht charters have negotiable and customisable routes, along with a choice between standard, air conditioned and luxury yachts. The meal package is also up for choice. With so much flexibility, reasonable prices and diverse options, one can simply not ignore the lure of Marmaris private yacht charters.
Take the trip this season for a captivating tour of a land not just bestowed with pleasant sights, but also a magisterial history entwined between the Lycian, Carian and Persian era, which has for long been a fascination for historians and travelers alike. Yacht charters are perfectly comfortable, so do not hesitate to book yours now!

Blue cruising the Lycian Coast – high in value, low in cost!

One of the best ways to explore Turkey is to embark on journeys of the Lycian coast. Blue cruising the Lycian Coast is an ideal way to explore the majestic waters and breathtaking natural beauties of Turkey. These cruises are done in old world sailing boats that are popularly known as gulets. An ideal blue cruise could last anywhere between 3 – 7 days, depending on your respective itineraries.

Four days of Blue Cruising the Lycian Coast
The four day itinerary that moves westwards and disembarks in Fethiye is considered to be one of the most perfect cruising options available for tourists. The first night is spent at the Fethiye Harbour itself. This night is considered to be as important to your cruising experience as the day, enjoying the best sunsets, watching light dance off the water and getting to know your fellow passengers.


The gulet itself is known to offer nothing amenities from home, and is extremely comfortable. What makes these gulets so special is their wide selection of meals including meats, vegetables and enticing food. Even though the cabins are also known to be very spacious and extremely comfortable, the best places to sleep are in one of the terry cloth covered mattresses located on deck under the stars. The experience of sleeping under the stars is truly amazing.
The Lycian coast Blue cruise itinerary is quite simple. It revolves around sailing to numerous islands, searching for beautiful bays to anchor in and swim and have lunch with the locals. The same process is repeated for dinner and for the next day as well. Along the journey you will see the remains of Lycians with many tombs, ruins and even large castles along this route. The remainder of the cruise is spent following a similar pattern – searching for scintillating bays, swimming, eating, searching for another bay, and swimming, eating, and sleeping. Most Blue Cruising the Lycian Coast tours might not particularly enthrall the adventure maniacs, but there are definitely some of the best options available for nature lovers and peace seekers.
Blue Cruising the Lycian Coast is an experience to remember for your whole life. To join a Lycian Coast blue cruise, talk to our staff at Alaturka to choose the right itinerary. They may even send you on a walk before your cruise to catch the first part of the Lycian Track that is further inland and unreachable by boat.


The second thing to note is that these tours are not offered every day. Find out the departure dates to make sure your flights and other travel details fit into the departures. And most importantly, many of the stops of while blue cruising the Lycian Coast are known to be rich in their history, folklore and archeological wonders. Make sure that you spend some time getting to know the culture and history of these stops before you arrive. There is so much to learn that fitting all that knowledge into one trip is almost impossible.


All in all, Blue cruising the Lycian coast is a journey for all nature lovers, people that love being out on the water and anyone that just loves a holiday. Join us on the water this summer!

The Lycian Coast
The Lycian Coast