Discover the Hidden Bays and Beaches of Fethiye

Fethiye is undoubtedly famous for its bays and beaches, and visitors always think that the best way to enjoy this destination is to head to popular spots like Calis and Oludeniz. But there are other bays and beaches of Fethiye that have often been overlooked because they are not as advertised as the ones mentioned.

These local bays and beaches of Fethiye have beauty and charm of their own and they too deserve equal recognition.

Aksazlar Bay
If you want to bask in the sun while watching the mesmerising Fethiye scenery, you should try visiting Aksazlar Bay. This is the ideal location for people who do not like to mingle with the beach crowd, as it is never crowded with tourists. Here, you have the choice to lie on the sunbeds that are positioned on the beach. You can also choose to sit under the trees if you are more nature-inclined. The pine forest offers the unique opportunity of peaceful tranquility as you sit in the shade while you watch the yachts in the distance.

If you are planning on spending your day swimming, this bay may not be the best choice. Aksazlar Kosu does not belong to those bays and beaches of Fethiye that offers crystal blue waters. Even though the water is shallow and calm, it’s a bit murky because the bay is in close proximity to the Fethiye harbor. Some people do take a swim here though, but you must see and decide for yourself first.

Aksazlar Bay
Aksazlar Bay

This less than perfect swimming condition is actually the main reason why not so many tourists come to this bay, which gives some people the chance to just sit back and relax. To make this bay more appealing to tourists, it has taken on a more restaurant-feel.

Kukeli Koyu
Another often ignored beach in Fethiye is the Kukeli Koyu. This bay is set in the pine forests clearing that covers the hillsides in the length of the coastline. The best thing about this bay is that it has managed to remain rustic and simple despite the fact that other bays and beaches of Fethiye had gone more commercial.
There is one wooden café that serves tourists with drinks and snacks on plastic tables and chairs. There are also shaded kosks, and umbrellas and sun beds for rent for guests who wish to lounge all day long. Entertainment comes with guinea fowls, cockerels and chickens running around freely on the beach.

There are many other beautiful bays and beaches of Fethiye that you can visit, explore and enjoy, but the two mentioned above offer different holiday options for people with different vacation needs. Others that may be of interest include Boncuklu Bay, Gemiller Beach and Samanlik.

Bodrum Gulet Cruise

Vacation planning should be fun; but it causes distress to some. What to choose, where to go? To opt for a historic site, or a port town for languid days at the beach, or a luxurious yacht trip around enchanting sights to marvel, to opt for the rustic towns or go for modern comforts and five star hotels. I say, why not go for a place that offers it all. The place is called Bodrum, Turkey, and the time is now.

Bodrum, known historically by its more magical name, Halicarnassus of Caria, holds one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Mausolus. Sounds intriguing, right? Well even though the mausoleum was subsequently destroyed, the foundations and ruins are still a source of attraction, and its volcanic stones, columns, reliefs and sculptures, the same which gave the mausoleum its renowned aesthetic charm, are preserved in the building of the famous Bodrum Castle build in 15th century by the Knights Hospitaller. The imposing castle ground also house the famed Museum of Underwater Archaeology, one of the world’s biggest museums devoted to this purpose, containing not just stories of ancient shipwrecks, but an enchanting glimpse into the various rich Mediterranean civilisations from centuries ago lost under the sea.

This port town is also a gateway to other beautiful towns and cities along the coast and the one must-do activity everyone should do in life is to surf the sea on the handmade gulets of Turkey. The famous Bodrum-Gokova-Bodrum route only costs €335 for a package of 8 days. The trip includes all that is mentioned and much more to explore. The first day allows time for a visit to the Bodrum Castle and Mausoleum. Next up is the Orak Island. It’s time to swim and a history lesson at the ruins of the Byzantine village (which promises to be anything but boring).
Up next, there is an overnight stay at Cokertme Bay, followed by a tour of the Seven Islands and the English Harbor.  More history lessons, only this time it will be underwater. Yes! English War ships lie under the pristine waters, and the English torpedoes hit here during the World War II. If you are fed up of history, no worries, there is swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing as well.

Gulf of Gokova
Gulf of Gokova

The next day, we visit Sedir Island, also known as Cleopatra Island. More ruins at the ancient site of Cedrae (Turkey is filled with these treasures) followed by a peaceful night at the village of Karacasogut. The next day takes you to Longoz and Tuzla Bay. Here a different sort of beauty resides in the form of pine forests on the shore. The next day, you can have lunch and swim at a bay at the base of a huge mountain, onwards to Kisekbuku and finally to Bodrum again. The cruise takes on a festive and homely mood in the form of a farewell dinner on the last night. The trip ends with a breakfast on the cruise.

By far, this is the best route to take as it offers such a change of scenery and experience, combining all that you want from your holidays into a single gulet cruise. So book your gulet now, because the fare only rises as the year proceeds from May to mid October.

Enjoy your Holiday with a Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

If you want to experience and enjoy the beauty of the Turkish and Mediterranean coasts without having to pay sky-high prices, you may want to try booking a Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise. This is a holiday option that will give you the chance to really experience a real Turkish adventure.

Booking for a Blue Cruise is a must do for people who are going to visit Turkey. Particularly if you want to see and experience the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. In most cases, a Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise is the highlight for many tourists who have visited Turkey.

Highlights of Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

The following are the highlights you can expect from your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise holiday:
Fethiye is the starting point of the cruise and here, you get to enjoy the sights of one of the most popular Turkish cities.

Gocek Bays is more correctly known as the Gulf of Fethiye and it covers about 60 to 70 square miles. It has numerous captivating anchorages, where visitors can cast anchor for swimming, for taking meals, or for spending the night.

Bedri Rahmi Bay is considered as one of the Fethiye Gulf’s most important bays and is also known by locals as Taskaya or Bedri Rahmi Bay. It is located directly opposite Tersane Island and it is named after Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu, a Turkish writer. One of the main attractions of this bay is the fountain that says to have water with healing powers.

Fish painting at Bedri Rahmi Bay
Fish painting at Bedri Rahmi Bay

Aga Limani Bay is another popular destination on the Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise because of its beautiful little curved cove, rocky slopes and beautiful pine trees that come down meeting the shoreline.

Paradise Island is not really an island, but rather a peninsula and is also named Nimara Peninsula. It is popular as a Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise destination because of it pine forest and it is also ideally located across from Marmaris Bay.

Kumlubuk Bay is a secluded holiday destination and is an ideal spot for people who like to hike and explore ancient sites and ruins.

There are of course many other highlights or destinations that you should expect to see and experience. The important thing here is to make sure that you are going to get your money’s worth. To be able to assure this, you should do your homework before booking anything.

Alaturka offer Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruises regularly throughout May to October. Prices begin at 255 euro per person however unlike the Fethiye & Olympos cruises there are no shared cabins. Travellers must book a minimum of one cabin for two people or pay a single supplement to have the cabin to themselves. For available departure dates email

Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise: Tips for booking

If you want to experience a different kind of Turkish adventure, it is highly recommended to look into the travel packages that include a Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise. This cruise route will take you to some of the best locations this side of Turkey.

Know the Itinerary
It is highly recommended to make sure that the route being offered for the Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise includes the places that you really want to see and visit and also takes into factors like your onward travel. On the Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise it is a great mix of site-seeing, adventure activities and relaxing in secluded bays. However if you are looking for a historical adventure and delving into cultures long since passed, then your party should also consider the Kas to Olympos cruise. Both of these tours take 3 days and 2 nights however the Kas to Fethiye cruise is ideal if your onward travel includes flying out of Dalaman. If however your next destination is to Antalya or departing from this tourist city, the Kas to Olympos tour is more convenient.

Be prepared for a changing departure time
On this tour, the departure time from the harbour largely depends on how busy the port is. As Kas is a very small harbour, but also extremely busy – Alaturka may inform you of an earlier or later departure time depending on what time our gulet can get into the harbour. Most commonly the Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise arrives into port in the morning after breakfast and stays in Kas for a couple of hours before departing for the next cabin cruise stop.

Price Matters
When booking the Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise it is best to also check the price against the 4 day cruises like Fethiye to Olympos and Olympos to Fethiye. More often than not, Alaturka offer large specials on the four day cruises over the 3 day cruises. It might actually work out cheaper for you and your group to join a four day tour. However, if you are limited on time by all means join the Fethiye to Kas gulet cruise, it’s truelly a magical experience not to be missed.

The tour
Day one is a departure from Kas and stopover in Aquarium Bay – meeting usually happens before lunchtime and guests are allowed to explore the island. Lunch will be served on the way to Aquarium Bay. We will spend time lounging the day away, swimming and snorkelling. Tonight we moor in a secluded bay to spend the night.

On Day two we head northbound from Aquarium Bay towards St. Nicholas Island as the sun rises. Guests will enjoy waking up with breathtaking views of Butterfly Valley, an untouched paradise. Swimming and sunbathing will await the guests once they are finished with their breakfast. After your meal, we can take a hike up to the waterfall or try some yoga on the beach. Along the route, guests can also swim on the most stunning beach in Europe, Oludeniz where paragliding has been made very popular. The evening will be spent in St Nicholas Island. As the sun sets over the ruins of the island, we enjoy a cold beverage and our last dinner on board.

Day three is the day you will reach Fethiye. Breakfast will be served while still ot St Nicholas and then we cruise towards Samanlik Bay. We have lunch out on the water and have our last dip before heading into Fethiye harbour to disembark.

The Kas to Fethiye gulet cruise is one of the most popular holiday options in Turkey and for good reasons; it allows guests to relax with the calm blue sea and to see some of the best islands and beaches that Turkey can offer.

Kas Harbour
Kas Harbour