Diving in Kas

The entire area around Kas is full of world famous dive sites that offer visitors to Turkey and diving enthusiasts with a countless number of diving spots to choose from. Diving is by far the most popular activity in Kas, as well as one of the most popular activities to do while on your Fethiye to Olympos cruise or Olympos to Fethiye cruise. Scuba diving in Kas is also in the top 100 places to dive in the world.


Some of the main draws of diving in Kasinclude a choice of more than 30 dive sites, access to an extremely attractive underwater landscape, crystal clear waters with maximum visibility and exotic marine life.


Some of the most popular dive sites in and around Kas include caves, wreck diving, underwater canyon exploration and sometimes even night diving. The choice of dive sites largely depends on experience, certification and the visibility on the day that you choose to dive.


Diving in Kas allows visitors to view marina life in their natural habitat. Turkey is home to an array of beautiful marine life including Sea slugs, Jackfish, Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles, Stingrays, Octopus and a variety of colourful fish.

And that’s not all that Kas has to offer. There are a number of other marine life forms that are also known to visit the area including dolphins!


Diving in Kas
Diving in Kas

What makes diving in Kas so safe and popular for tourists is that Kas has many companies diving in the area with world class instructors. Plus they also offer short dives to fit in with your gulet cruise if passing by in the area. Diving is fun for all ages and all expertise. Alaturka offer gulet cruise short dives and full day dives. The price for a short dive during your blue cruises is around 30 euro per person in peak season. For full day tours, the price varies and guests should be expecting to pay around 45 euro for the day or more. This includes all of your equipment hire, instructor and pickup and drop off to your boat or hotel. This also includes lunch on the full day tour. Pretty reasonable!


Some of the most popular dive sites in Kas include Pegeon Island, Blue Hole, Mavi Wreck and Paradise Reef, Assi Island and Lighthouse Reef and Otoman Wreck.

Meals on-board an Alaturka cruise

On an Alaturka cruise is an ideal place to enjoy exotic cuisines, authentic Turkish food, and a variety of dishes while also spending time amid a soothing and calming atmosphere. Alaturka is a gulet that is famous for the level of care that is offered. It is one of the most luxurious and maintained gulets in Turkey and is home to a range of facilities such as a bar, a dining room and 16 sunbeds, a large bench and an equally large deck for on-board activities. The meals on-board Alaturka are one of the best things to look forward to.


The staff ensures that you’re never left wanting for food. All dishes are famous for being made with the freshest ingredients and tasting absolutely delicious. If you have dietery requirements, the chef would be more than happy to make special dishes for you as well. Some of the most popular dishes to try while on-board Alaturka include zucchini and potatoes, stuffed eggplants and mushroom stew. The authentic Turkish breakfasts that are served every morning and the aromatic salads, pastas, fresh fruits and stuffed peppers that are served for dinner ensure that you always have a healthy selection of dishes and cuisines to choose from.


Dinner is considered to be the most favorite meal on-board Alaturka. Guests are offered with a BBQ every night serving everything from freshly caught fish, chicken and meats along with vegetable dishes, traditionally cooked Turkish rice, fresh fish, chicken dishes, Turkish meatballs and fresh salads. Lunch is also worth looking forward to. You can always expect an assortment of Turkish dishes along with the world famous Turkish bread, fresh salads, vegetable dishes, rice and pasta for lunch.

Food served onboard an Alaturka cruise
Food served onboard an Alaturka cruise



Alaturka serves delicious cookies and biscuits as well with fresh fruits in the afternoon served with tea and coffee and then again more fruit after dinner. The meals on-board Alaturka have always remained one of its major plus points and Alaturka has always boasted of having some of the best chefs in the industry. Another advantage when it comes to food on Alaturka is that you always have a rich selection of dishes to choose from, irrespective of whether you’re a vegetarian or a nonvegeterian, vegan or have other special dietary requirements. You can always let the chef know about your preferences while boarding as well.


Finally, you can also choose to go shopping with the chef and select the ingredients yourself. Even though this facility is reserved for private charters, it is extremely popular as it allows guests to completely customise their dining experiences, all the way down to the choice of ingredients.

From Fethiye to Olympos: a dream gulet cruise holiday

Gulet, which origin still remains controversial, is a traditional wooden Turkish vessel, with two or three masts usually. Today hand-crafted gulet cruises are very popular for tourist charters. They have been modernised and re-designed many times during their long history to offer a relaxing cruising along the blue Aegean waters. It is why nowadays gulets are very comfortable and well technically equipped, making gulet cruises easy, comfortable and a more attractive way of exploring Turkey’s beautiful coast.


The Fethiye to Olympos gulet cruise is a truly immersing cruise which gives you an opportunity to explore and discover some of the most beautiful Turkish towns inbetween Fethiye and Olympos, and a number of fishing villages, islands, and beautiful honey-coloured beaches on the way.

The Beauty of Fethiye

Fethiye, a very old town, lies in the Aegean region of Turkey and is one of Turkey’s treasures, which contains numerous sightseeing and attractions. The main highlights of this town include Saklikent Gorge, ancient ruins of Tlos, Oludeniz, which is widely considered as one of Europe’s most stunning beaches and one of the best destinations in the world for paragliding, and Butterfly Valley widely regarded as one of the most picturesque places in Turkey. Our relaxing gulet cruise starts the holiday of a lifetime from this beautiful Turkish town.


The jump off point for the Fethiye to Olympos gulet cruise
The jump off point for the Fethiye to Olympos gulet cruise

The Ancient Olympos
Named after the Roman city that now lies in ruins on its spectacular beach, Olympos is home to ancient Lycian ruins, an isolated Mediterranean beach, and the treehouse style bungalows. The scenery of its beach is just stunning, but it has no shades, so be sure you take with you your big hat and sunscreen. The area of a now ruined ancient city is very large; giving an opportunity to experience the sense of mystery and wonder that the first explorers who “discovered” the ruined city. Some of the places boast spectacular views at every turn.


For backpackers who want to relax in the greatness of beautiful nature and rich history, and enjoy excellent traditional and fresh cuisine, mixed of European and Asian flavours, there is no better way than aboard a traditional Turkish gulet.


The popularity of gulet cruises from Fethiye to Olympos lies in the perfect Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature, eye-catching views from a deck of gulet, and in the undeniable beauty of its enormous coastline. What else makes gulet cruises so popular is a unique possibility to experience some of the water sports and paragliding, which makes Turkey one of the most beloved sailor’s paradises.


Discovering the beauty of Fethiye, the mystery of Olympos and the secrets of other hidden treasures of Turkey in a traditionally Turkish hand-crafted gulet cruise can make your holiday one of the best experiences ever.


Book your gulet cruise and discover the diverse culture, an unspoiled coast and sand beaches, the rich culture and long history of Turkey. Cruising is a simple and unique way to explore the coast of Turkey and its beauty.

Private Yacht Charters on the Mediterranean

If you want to avoid booking a room in a hotel and you desire to enjoy total relaxation, delicious food and superb swimming, combined with archaeological sightseeing, then renting a Private Yacht Charter in Turkey could be the perfect decision when planning your holidays.
Alaturka Cruises offers a variety of yachts, from traditional Turkish gulets and motor yachts to small and large sailing yachts. Carefully selected vessels will ensure that your family holidays in Turkey, will be an unforgettable experience of the best in class, quality and comfort.

Professional private gulet tour
You don’t have to worry about sailing, because the crew of Alaturka Cruises will make sure that your worries will remain forgotten on the coastline and you will leave your senses to enjoying the beauties of the Mediterranean sea. While deciding of booking a private yacht charter in Turkey, we will help you to find a perfect gulet or a yacht, depending on your wishes, and will also advise you which itinerary would be the best for your group. The private yacht charter list includes different locations in Greece and Turkey and also a variety of possibilities of your base port departure.

The history of a gulet
Deriving from the French word goulette, the Turkish word gulet, describes a traditional Turkish wooden vessel, usually made from the local pine. The gulets were, for a long time, used for transport and fishing along the southern coasts of Turkey. Nowadays, they are redesigned in comfortable boats for private gulet tours in Turkey.

Activities on the gulet
When choosing a private gulet tour, you have plenty opportunities for swimming, snorkelling or cliff jumping as your gulet sails along the coast of Turkey or Greece. This wonderful way of sailing is commonly known as a blue cruise. On a luxury blue cruise, the food is prepared by the gulet on board cook, who ensures you try out fresh local specialties. For the traditional Turkish breakfast on a private gulet tour, they usually serve bread, olives, tomato, cheese, eggs, honey and yoghurt. While the lunch and dinner represent the main course, combined with selected fresh vegetable salads, fruit or sweets. The luxury blue cruise will not disappoint your taste buds, with trying the local wines, beers spirits and fresh fruit juices.

Family holidays with a luxury blue cruise
Holidays constitute an important part of spending time with your family of the closed ones. That is why the tranquillity of sailing on a gulet, near the Mediterranean coastline, discovering different historical, archaeological and cultural sights, could not disappoint your family members, especially if they are passionate about the sea and sailing.

The luxury blue cruise also adds a romantic note to your adventure, with offering you the breath taking panoramic scenery of the sea and wonders of nature, while observing the sunrises or sunsets. Witnessing the clear marine blue waters and green nature of the Mediterranean, is a true relaxation for your body and mind that is why a private gulet tour in Turkey will for sure remain a unique experience for your family holidays in Turkey.

Private yacht charter trips
Private yacht charter trips

Four day cruise Olympos to Fethiye

A unique way to explore the Mediterranean’s extraordinary coastline is to spend your holidays on a Turkey gulet cruise. Beautifully crafted from wood, the gulets are traditional Turkish motor yachts, which enable perfect adventure holidays whether you are a single traveller, family, a couple or a group of friends. To be able to discover different beaches and lagoons in few days, sailing Turkey is definitely a good way to start your journey. Blue cruises are recommended to those curious travellers, who want to experience southern Turkey and the Mediterranean from a different point of view. Usually gulets are used for standard cabin cruises and most cabins are equipped with private bathroom with shower, space for bags, but the size of a cabin varies from boat to boat.

Among one possibility, offered by AlaTurka Cabin Cruises is a popular 4 day blue cruise from Olympos to Fethiye. This boat cruise is ideal for those travelling from Cappadocia and the journey by the Southern Turkish coastline provides a tourist with a lot of culture, history and magnificent scenery.
Boarding at Olympos, the gulet cruise starts from the Demre port and finishes in the final destination, Fethiye.

The boat cruise itinerary includes the sightseeing of the Blue Cave, Kekova, Yaglica Bay, Simena Castle, The Sunken City, Ucagiz Village, Kas, Kocakari Bay, Aquarium Bay, Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz and St. Nicholas Island.

Usually on the first day the boarding takes place at Cayagzi Andriake harbour, continuing towards Pirates Cave for snorkelling. The boat cruise then heads towards the Sunken City of Simena for exploring, once an outpost of the Knights of Rhodes, where its ancient ruins are listed as world heritage.

Simena is a popular Lycian site, situated upon one of the most attractive spots of the Turkish coast. The name Kekova is Turkish for the plain of thyme and describes the region encompassing the island of Kekova and 3 ancient towns. This area is an enjoyable place to visit, full of beauty and charm. At Simena you can take a look at
Simena Castle and Lycian Tombs. The night in spent at Gokkoya Bay.

On the second day the gulet cruise takes you to the Gokkoya Bay, where you can swim at Yaglica Bay, have a lunch at Kas harbour, before sailing to Aquarium Bay for dinner.

On the third day the gulet sails towards the north to see the charming Butterfly Valley. You can dedicate your time to swimming, sunbathing or hiking towards the waterfall. The blue cruise takes you then to Oludeniz-Europe’s most attractive beaches for paragliding. Finally the gulet anchors at the St. Nicholas Island, where you can walk through the several ruins of the Byzantine Empire, with several churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries.

St Nicholas Island
St Nicholas Island

Finally, the cabin cruise takes you to the Samanlik Bay or Tarzan’s Bay, until you reach the end destination, Fethiye.

Lastly, the boat cruise can be a wonderful experience because it offers so many different activities. During the 4 day cruise Olympos to Fethiye cruise, at Kas you can dive to see the coral reefs and interesting sunken ruins. Around St. Nicholas Island and Kekova area you can try out various water sports. Moreover, fishing, snorkelling, paragliding, cliff jumping and camp fires are just few additional things you have to experience, while being on a Turkey gulet boat.