Enjoy an 8 day Fethiye to Kekova Blue Cruise

Are you planning to have a vacation in Turkey? Do you want it to be a truly memorable one? If your answer is yes to both questions then you should book for an eight-day Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise.
During the entire Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise you can expect to visit different islands and bays aside from Fethiye and Kekova, like Kas, Kalkan, Simena, the Gocek bays and Yesilkoy Bay. Now it is important to note that the itinerary for a private charter from Fethiye to Kekova is slightly different to the cabin cruise from Fethiye to Kekova. Today we are going to speak about the private charter.
Day One
Day one of your Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise is the assembly at the Fethiye Marina around mid afternoon. Usually, drink orders are taken while a briefing is being given for the guests to get straight into that holiday mode. Dinner is served on board and guests can wander through the streets of Fethiye into the night. In the evening their is no set itinerary – so it is up to you what you decide to explore or where to relax. Cabins are assigned on first boarding the yacht.
Day Two
Day two is really the start of the cruise and the departure for Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz after breakfast. Explore Butterfly Valley and its relaxed “hippy” vibbe before jetting back over to Oludeniz for a swim in the blue lagoon. The yacht will set sail along the Fethiye Peninsula coast heading to a secluded bay for lunch. The rest of the day and the night will be spent in Gemiler Island where guests will have the chance at exploring the ruins of the Byzantine community, and watching as the sun sets.


Gemiler Island ruins
Gemiler Island ruins

Day Three
The following day takes off early as breakfast will be served at Yesikoy. After dining, guests will be encouraged to take a dip at the quiet bay beautifully bordered by olive groves. Next stop is Kas, and a small bay outside of Kas where the night will be spent. Travellers can shop and get to know the friendly locals in Kas.
Day Four
Kekova is the target place for the fourth day and a short cruise to the Sunken City will happen before lunch at Tersane Bay. While dining you and the rest of your company will have the Byzantine ruins and a Roman dockyard as great views. The night will be spent at Gokkaya.
Day Five
Still in Kekova, day five begins with castle (Kale) climbing and watching the Lycian tomb as it proudly sits on it platform in the water. Overnight stay will be at Ucagiz.
Day Six
Before heading back to Fethiye, the Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise will take a short cruise going to the Bayindir Limani bay to give guests more time for swimming. Kalkan is also going to be visited during the day, as is it optional to also see Demre and Myra while in the Kekova region.

The beaches of Kalkan
The beaches of Kalkan

Day Seven
Day seven will start early as the cruise will head off to Camli Burun, a bay naturally edged with hills that are majestically clad with pine trees. The last night of the cruise will be spent in the Batikkaya bay.
Day Eight
Finally, your Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise will take you back to Fethiye  harbour after breakfast.
To enquire about a private charter or get information on the difference of the private charter to the cabin cruise contact the team at Alaturka today!

Enjoy the 12 Island Region Fethiye Tour

If you are visiting Turkey, the 12 island region Fethiye day tour should be included in your list of activities to do. There are hundreds of boats docked in Fethiye harbour and one of them can take you on this wonderful and memorable tour.
Each boat can usually accommodate 50 to 150 persons and all has stocked bars and toilets. A 12 island region Fethiye tour usually leaves in the mid morning and returns in the early evening. The tour includes lunch, which is commonly composed of meatballs, fish or chicken, pasta, salad and fresh fruit.
Main Island Stops of the 12 Island Region Fethiye Tour
Though the tour says 12-island, there are about six major stops and the other islands are just to be passed by. Normally, the 12 island region Fethiye tour includes a stop at Flat Island (Yassicalar) for a swim. Taking a dip is also possible as well as touring the ruins at the next stop which is at Tersane Island. Lunch, swimming and snorkeling await you at the Aquarium Bay (Akvaryum). Other famous stops include Paradise Bay (Cennet Kou) and Red Island (Kizil Ada).
The Flat Islands are sandy islands that are connected beneath really shallow waters and the biggest of these islands has an incredibly deep salty lake that offers amazing visibility. It is possible to either wade or walk from one island to another and you can also enjoy swimming and tubing.
Tersane Island, the largest island in the Fethiye and Gocek Gulf has a 100 mile wide deep channel that offers easy access in the inlet. Here yachts can easily drop anchor almost anywhere except in the eastern part where water is too shallow. You can enjoy swimming and a bit of sightseeing when your cruise stops at Tersane Island.

The 12 Islands region in Fethiye
The 12 Islands region in Fethiye

Aquarium Bay is that enticing place ideally located between Gumbet and Bitez.  This place is quite isolated and its name was given because it used to attract different kinds of fish. It is too bad though that tourism had somehow scared the fishes away. Still though, Aquarium bay is still a placer worth visiting because of its crystal clear blue waters that offer a haven for swimmers.
Finally, the 12 island region Fethiye day tour also stops at the Red Island where the water is great and the coast is full of pebbles that turns the colour red when the sun goes down.


On entering back into Fethiye harbour, guests will be returned to their hotels or can simply walk along the waters edge and make their own way back to their accommodation.
Alaturka day tours to the 12 Islands region in Fethiye are very reasonable, starting at just 15 euro per person. This includes pickup and drop off to your hotel, as well as a delicious buffet lunch. Dont forget to bring along your towel and sunscreen for a relaxing day on the crystal blue water of Fethiye.


See the full 12 Islands region Fethiye tour itinerary.

Enjoy a Luxury Cruise aboard the Vivere Yacht

Vivere yacht is considered as one of the greatest luxury gulets in Turkey. It is adorned with high quality mahogany and wood that give the gulet its magnificent look befitting a luxury yacht.

Great Accommodation
If you are considering taking a luxury cruise while having your Turkish holiday, opting for the Vivere yacht is a good decision. The reason is that this yacht is built magnificently with double and twin cabins that can provide comfortable accommodation for up to 12 people. Each of the cabins are air-conditioned and have smoke detectors, wardrobes and en-suite toilets and bathrooms. There are roomy deck areas as well, with awnings and sun beds. The lounge area has a bar (well-stocked), lounges, TV and hi-tech entertainment system.

On board the Vivere yacht, you will also enjoy using many water sports equipment like, fishing rods, canoes and masks and snorkels.

Accommodation wise, the Vivere yacht has cabins below deck down large hallways, as well as a captains cabin. It has large windows, en-suite with marble tiles and enclosed shower and wardrobe space.  The upper deck houses the huge dining table that comes with settee that can seat up to 12 guests. There is also a seperate alfresco dining area at the front deck. Guests can enjoy air conditioning throughout the whole yacht.

Vivere yacht based in Fethiye
Vivere yacht based in Fethiye

The two dining areas are ideally designed to provide sufficient space for all guests, which gives them more time to enjoy the meals and the surrounding sceneries.

The Vivere yacht is fashioned in such a way that it can easily catch the attention of on-lookers. Both exterior and interior designs are aesthetically appealing.

On deck, the following facilities and amenities are available for the guests:
Well-stocked bar
Deck shower
Ice Box
Ice machine
Internet connection
Guest Phone
Indoor lounge
Music System
iPod Dock/MP3 player
Washing Machine
Sun beds
Sea ladder
Shade tents
Board games

To get the best of your Vivere yacht adventure, it would be best to plan your holiday in advance. You need to keep in mind that booking in advance is highly advisable especially if you want to take your vacation during the summer season. A lot of people are going to be booking for the most popular Turkish adventures and taking the Vivere yacht for a cruise is one of the main choices.

Alaturka 81 Gulet

Blue cruising along one of the sundry tourist spots located on the coast of Turkey, and Greece, is a holiday activity that is renowned world over. The Turkish Riviera is not home to just one, or two, but to many islands and cities located along the coast, each one famous for a variety of reasons, be it serene blue waters, ancient ruins, unique culture and cuisine, or a combination of rare wildlife and weather.


Several yacht charters provide people an opportunity to explore these possibilities on a myriad of routes along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Many gulets take people from a variety of nationalities but private charters are also an option for those wishing to travel with family and friends.


Alaturka 81 gulet is one such package, with starting prices ranging from €800 in April, peaking to €1100 in August. The catch to this trip is that you don’t have to go by predefined routes. These cruises offer you the opportunity to be your own master, to design your own trip! All of this depends on what your idea of a vacation is; whether you want to relax at dazzling beaches, or want some action and activities like paragliding and snorkelling, or if you want to visit the peace of a private harbour, the itineraries can be customised for you.


Alaturka 81 cabin
Alaturka 81 cabin

And for this price, the yacht itself offers luxury, recreation and fun that will never let you feel exhausted after a long day. This ketch style gulet can accommodate 18 people with 8 cabin rooms. Two sundecks to soak in the bountiful nature, and a horde of activities to while away the time with which include fishing and snorkelling equipment as well as board games like backgammon. You also get a deck shower and sun bed! Travel was never so comfy, but as long as you are in Turkey you’d better get used to it.


The most recommended trip starts with the port of Fethiye, providing access to Oludeniz beach, the resort village of Hisaronu, and Calis beach as well. As mentioned above, all of these locations are renowned for some specialty, have something to offer that is totally worth your time and effort.


Oludeniz beach is the most photographed one in the world, as its stunning view comprises a secluded sandy bay alongside a blue lagoon and nature reserves of underwater caves and fauna. It is famous for the ideal conditions for paragliding from Mount Babadag, to have a breath taking view, as well as snorkelling and scuba diving to explore the treasures underwater.


Fethiye itself is one of the main attractions in Turkey, the site of an ancient city, home to the ruins of various ancient civilisations, including a Lycian tomb, tombs built into cliffs, the sarcophagi scattered around the town, the Kadyanda Ancient City with its Hellenistic theatre and temple which look even more grandiose at night when all of this is floodlit.


There are not just things to ‘see’ but also to ‘do’, like hiking on the Lycian Way, visiting the farmer’s market on Tuesday, and visiting the amphitheatre. The international atmosphere makes for a good experience of culture and cuisine as well.


So if you wish to go for a personal and customisable experience, then Fethiye is the place to be, and the Alaturka 81 gulet will make good its promise to make it your most memorable experience.

The magnificent Alaturka 81
The magnificent Alaturka 81