5 things you may not know about a luxury yacht charter

We all can imagine what a luxury yacht charter consists of; blue pristine water, luxurious cabins, delicious meals and lots of relaxing. Yes these are all part of yacht chartering a luxury gulet in Turkey but there are plenty of things that you may not know about luxury yacht charters that make them the best type of holidays.


So without further ado, here are 5 things you may not know about a luxury yacht charter.


  1. Crew speak lots of different languages

With Alaturka depending on where you are from and what language you speak, we often recommend yachts that have staff that speak the same language. Some of our deluxe yachts have crew that speak over seven languages between them. We want you to be extremely comfortable on your luxury yacht charter and therefore try to ensure you can communicate with at least one crew member in your first spoken language. On all of our yachts we do have English speaking crew as well.


  1. Combine cruises with land activities

Often we have travellers that have limited time in Turkey and they fear if they book a cruise they will miss out on all Turkey has to offer. On our luxury yacht charters, our guests can not only expect swimming, snorkelling and activities on the water, but we can also accommodate activities on the land. Tours to Pamukkale when moored in Fethiye – no problem. Why not add a city tour of Rhodes with a local guide onto your tour. All this and more can be arranged to be included in your luxury yacht charter.


  1. Local guides can be included

As mentioned in the above, Alaturka can include a local guide for your activities. Prefer to have a local guide with you on your entire journey? Our expert guides can be included on your luxury yacht charter to describe the history of sites you visit on your holiday at sea, recommend local haunts and cafes to visit and be there for anything you may need on your trip.


  1. TV and entertainment systems

Your enjoyment does not end when the sun sinks into the sea. Our luxury yacht charters have large indoor lounges with entertainment systems, Plasma TVs, DVD players with a selection of movies and playstations to keep the family entertained throughout the entire day. Or want to stay outdoors in the warm night air; some of our gulets even have Jacuzzis. Imagine yourself sipping champagne under the luminescent moon in a hot tub!


  1. Not all luxury yacht charters are expensive

A big misconception of luxury yacht charters is that they are extremely expensive. Indeed there are yachts that only the very rich and famous can afford to travel on but we also have more economical yet luxurious yachts to suit groups of all sizes and budgets.

Talk to our friendly staff to find the right yacht for you and your party.


There are many other reasons that make luxury yacht charters incredible, these are just the top of the list. Can you think of any other reasons that travellers may not know about luxury yacht charters in Turkey?


Luxury Yacht Charters in Turkey
Luxury Yacht Charters in Turkey

From Turkey to Greece – Kusadasi to Samos Ferry

There are Ferry lines that offer boat trips between Kusadasi (Turkey) and Samos (Greece) and they operate daily. If you are planning an extended European vacation, a day on the beautiful island of Samos is highly recommended.  And the easiest way to get there is by taking a Kusadasi to Samos ferry. But, before doing so, you should make sure that you have your passport in your possession. Keep in mind that you will not be just crossing between islands, but you will also be crossing from one country to another.


The island of Samos
The island of Samos

Day Trip Kusadasi to Samos Ferry
For a day trip from Kudasi to Samos, you should be on the 8:30 am ferry so that you get to enjoy a full day’s island hoping adventure. Of course, you may also choose to stay a day or two in Samos.
In case you are going for the Kusadasi to Samos ferry tour during summer, it is advisable to try to stay in the ferry’s covered area. The reason for this is because the ferry’s open area can be quite sunny and windy.

The Kusadasi to Samos ferry day trip usually takes about an hour and a half. A six-hour stay is enough for you and your company to enjoy this popular Greek island. It is possible to see the whole island in just two hours, so the rest of your time can be spent on other activities like visiting the souvenir shops, waterfront restaurants and cafes, and strolling in the little square where you and your friends can sit and relax with drinks on hand.

One important thing to keep in mind before you take the Kusadasi to Samos ferry is that the Greeks take siesta from three in the afternoon until six. This means that the shops are going to be closed at these times, so you should get all your shopping done early. But, you do not have to worry about getting nourished because the restaurants and the cafes are open during siesta.
And speaking of nourishment, Greek food is very delicious so do not pass the opportunity of taking a meal at one of the restaurants in Samos. One recommended dish is the tzatsiki – a creamy mixture of garlic, cucumber and yogurt. This dish is also available in Turkey, but many attest to the fact that the Greek version is more delectable.

To get the most of your Kusadasi to Samos ferry tour, you can also visit these attractions: Tunnel of Eupalinos, Panagia Spiliani Monastery, Archeological Museum, Temple of Hera, and the Waterfalls of Potami.