Luxury Gulet Charter in Turkey: Read these tips

It may be overwhelming to choose from the array of Turkey Blue Cruise itineraries that are possible for your luxury gulet charter. These suggested steps will help to guide you through the process of choosing which charter is right for you and your group to create the perfect holiday experience.

  1. Consider Your Interests: Destinations and Activities

Are you seeking an active vacation filled with every spot along the coast that you have been dying to explore? Or is your group content with a private and calm experience that includes slow island hopping and days anchored in isolated and pristine bays? It is important to consider your interests before choosing the best route for your group.

There is plenty of history to explore via the many shore excursion options in towns, islands, and villages along the coast. Diving in Kas and paragliding in Oludeniz are highlights for those seeking a more adrenaline-filled holiday. Cruising between the many Greek islands in the area while also exploring the Turkish coastline is a great way to experience some of the best sites in both countries. A yacht charter Marmaris is the perfect launching point for exploring the stunning Datca peninsula and Fethiye is not only a beautiful town to explore, it is also the perfect place to start your cruise heading east towards Antalya.

  1. Arrival in Turkey

Your departure point may very well depend on where you land in Turkey. Cruises depart from many locations along the coast and depending on whether you choose to fly to Dalaman, Antalya or Bodrum, this could determine the starting point for your cruise. Bodrum is the best departure point for all Greek island cruises and any cruises departing from Marmaris. Dalaman is closest to Fethiye and Olympos is only a 1 ½ hour drive from Antalya.

You may even decide to fly into one airport and depart from another. This is the best option if you choose to cruise from Kemer or Olympos to Fethiye, for example. Flying into Antalya and out from Dalaman would be ideal in this situation. However, all airports are easily reachable from all cruise destinations, whether by local minibus or private transfer.

  1. Your Group Needs and Budget

When choosing your gulet charter itinerary, it is important to consider the time and budget you are working with. Depending on your budget and whether your group has 4 days or 2 weeks to spare for their summer holiday will greatly affect the route you choose. Here are some popular route examples, broken down by time frame:

4 day routes:

Fethiye – Marmaris

Fethiye – Oludeniz – Fethiye

Olympos to Fethiye

8 day routes:

Fethiye – Marmaris – Fethiye

Fethiye – Antalya

Bodrum – Gulf of Hisaronu – Bodrum

Bodrum – North Greek Islands – Bodrum

Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum

14 day routes:

Marmaris – Kekova – Marmaris

Your group can choose from a long list of standard blue cruise itineraries or if you are feeling creative, you can combine destinations and create your own.

  1. Choose Your Gulet

Gulets range in size, services, and level of luxury. All are equipped with cabins, private bathrooms, and a full kitchen for daily preparation of meals for your group. Crews take pride in the exceptional cuisine provided on board. The size of your gulet will depend on the number of passengers and you are free to choose the level of luxury that best suits you.

Although the price tag of a private gulet charter may cost no more than a few nights stay at a luxury hotel, your private charter will give you the freedom to explore the beauty of the Turquoise Coast at your pace, all while including your accommodation and freshly prepared daily meals. To best explore the coastline, bays, and islands of Mediterranean Turkey, a luxury gulet charter is hard to beat.



Why Kos is a popular island to visit from Bodrum

South West Turkey and the neighbouring Greek Islands have become increasingly popular with tourists since air travel became common place. There are plenty of flights coming from regional airports within Europe and the Middle East direct to Bodrum’s Airport in Milas and not surprisingly the result has been the development of a tourist infrastructure to cater for holidaymakers keen to enjoy the wonderful climate and warm seas.

The cuisine in this fertile part of the Eastern Mediterranean is exquisite. Fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and olive oil all ensure that those on board a gulet will enjoy excellent meals prepared by an experienced crew. If you want to catch dinner yourself put a line into the sea though there will still be food even if you catch nothing.


The Bodrum Peninsula revolves around the town of the same name and a series of small towns and villages hugging the coastline and its lovely beaches and warm seas. Bodrum has grown tremendously and its harbour is popular with ferries, yachts and gulets. The Castle is the town’s major landmark; a fine example of Crusader architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Greece is just a short distance away and Turkish Gulet Cruises to Kos   are one way to experience a little flavour of Greece. Any concerns about the relationship between Turk and Greek at local level are dispelled immediately as there is a strong relationship between Bodrum and Kos. Boats in Greek waters merely raise the Greek flag and those in Turkish waters to Turkish flag. Indeed there is still a small Turkish community living and working on the Island.


Kos was the former home of Hippocrates whose name is still associated with medicine. He lived there in ancient times. Kos has a rich history and there is plenty on the island to remind visitors of its history and culture. Much centres on Kos Town itself but it is certainly worth exploring this long narrow island. It was part of the Byzantine Empire, spent a period of occupation by the Crusaders and four centuries within the Ottoman Empire before coming under Italian control just before the outbreak of the First World War. It did not become part of Greece until 1947.

Those on a Gulet Cruise can explore the coastline with its lovely beaches. Even though Kos is a popular island for holiday makers and it has its own airport, there is plenty of opportunity to relax away from the crowds. That is the beauty of being on a charter gulet; you can decide what you want to do and within reason where you want to go. There is always another time if you miss something. This delightful region will welcome you again in the future.

Journey the Mediterranean on the Alaturka gulet

Nothing beats cruising the Turquoise coast when it comes to exploring Turkey and Greece. And this is where the Alaturka gulet comes in. Totally renovated in the winter of 2013/2014 – the Alaturka gulet is the preferred choice when it comes to booking a private cruise for 2015 and beyond!

Popular Tourist Destinations
The Alaturka gulet can take you to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. In Turkey, you will be able to explore Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris, Demre, Datca, Kas and Bodrum to name a few destinations. The most popular itineraries when travelling on the Alaturka gulet include the Fethiye Kekova one week cruise or the Fethiye to Marmaris and return 1 week cruise. Due to the size of this gulet at just 23 meters, this yacht can travel into areas where larger boats are restricted to go.


Alaturka Layout
The Alaturka gulet is decked out with seven cabins of all different shapes and sizes. There are two doubles, two twin cabins, two triples and one quad room meaning this gulet can cater up to 16 people. More often than not, families prefer this yacht as children can bunk in together in the quad room but then there are also the double rooms for an adults retreat. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms with showers. Inside there is also an indoor lounge and the kitchen where all the delicious meals will be cooked is inside too. On the upper deck, guests can enjoy both the sun lounges and an area with shaded lounges. At the rear a large dining table sits in front of an enclosed bar where you will eat alfresco and spend yours nights chatting, playing board games and cards and enjoying each others company.


The Alaturka gulet also includes snorkelling gear, floating devices, noodles, board games and plenty of activities to keep the whole group entertained.


Alaturka gulet cabin
Alaturka gulet cabin


In low season, the Alaturka gulet is just 700 euro per day for a private charter. Private charters are from 4 days and up depending on the time of the year you are travelling and other bookings. In high season, the gulet hire is 1000 euro per day. Meals and drinks are extra, but if you book a package of gulet hire and meals you are sure to get a good deal!


For more information about private chartering the Alaturka gulet email

Alaturka 2 Gulet

Discover the greatness and the magnificence of Southern Turkey and Greece with the Alaturka 2 Gulet. Booking a private charter on the Alaturka 2 gulet you will be assured a truly wonderful and memorable vacation.
Boat and cabin layout
Alaturka 2 is one of the largest gulets based out of Fethiye harbour. It is 25 meters in length and is made from teak, cashew and pine wood. This yacht has a capacity of 18 people, with 9 spacious cabins including ensuite bathrooms. An indoor bar, saloon and large sundeck compliment this boat. A kayak, noodles, floatation devices and snorkels are all provided.
Experienced Crew
The Alaturka 2 gulet has crew that have been sailing the Mediterranean Sea for the majority of their lives. Most of the crew also grew up in the Kekova and Demre area, and therefore know all the most secluded bays and hotspots in the area. Guests are ensured a very enjoyable and safe trip with Alaturka 2!
Good List of Destinations and Itineraries
Alaturka 2 has a variety of recommended itineraries in both Turkey and Greece. Permitted an international license, Alaturka 2 can travel to islands like Rhodes, Symi and Kos in Greece with a maximum of 12 people. If travelling in Turkey alone, Alaturka 2 can take the boats maximum capacity. Popular destinations that Alaturka 2 travels to includes Kas, Kekova, Demre, Marmaris, Bodrum, Dalyan and Gocek. Customised itineraries are also available when booking this yacht.
Private or Cabin Cruise
Generally, you have two options when it comes to gulet cruising in Turkey and Greece. You can choose to rent your own yacht (Alaturka 2 is an option departing Saturdays) or book for a cabin on a boat shared with other passengers. Alaturka 2 accommodates private charters and is also known to run the cabin cruises for Alaturka Yachting as well. When booking a cabin cruise in advance, as the boats are not scheduled closer to the time, guests will not know what yacht they are booking for. However all yachts are similar in style to Alaturka 2. If you would like to guarantee Alaturka 2 on your holiday at sea we recommend booking a private charter.

Alaturka 2 gulet
Alaturka 2 gulet

Between the two options, sailing the Mediterranean coasts with family and friends with a privately rented boat is of course the better choice. It may seem like a more expensive option, but the truth is it is very affordable. When you gather good friends together in one holiday, you can be assured of fun, and exciting adventure that is truly priceless.
A small reminder though, this kind of holiday options is becoming very popular so it is highly advisable to book your tour months in advance to ensure your spot on a cabin or Alaturka 2 for your private booking.

To see more information about this gulet please visit the Alaturka 2 details page.

Enjoy a Luxury Cruise aboard the Vivere Yacht

Vivere yacht is considered as one of the greatest luxury gulets in Turkey. It is adorned with high quality mahogany and wood that give the gulet its magnificent look befitting a luxury yacht.

Great Accommodation
If you are considering taking a luxury cruise while having your Turkish holiday, opting for the Vivere yacht is a good decision. The reason is that this yacht is built magnificently with double and twin cabins that can provide comfortable accommodation for up to 12 people. Each of the cabins are air-conditioned and have smoke detectors, wardrobes and en-suite toilets and bathrooms. There are roomy deck areas as well, with awnings and sun beds. The lounge area has a bar (well-stocked), lounges, TV and hi-tech entertainment system.

On board the Vivere yacht, you will also enjoy using many water sports equipment like, fishing rods, canoes and masks and snorkels.

Accommodation wise, the Vivere yacht has cabins below deck down large hallways, as well as a captains cabin. It has large windows, en-suite with marble tiles and enclosed shower and wardrobe space.  The upper deck houses the huge dining table that comes with settee that can seat up to 12 guests. There is also a seperate alfresco dining area at the front deck. Guests can enjoy air conditioning throughout the whole yacht.

Vivere yacht based in Fethiye
Vivere yacht based in Fethiye

The two dining areas are ideally designed to provide sufficient space for all guests, which gives them more time to enjoy the meals and the surrounding sceneries.

The Vivere yacht is fashioned in such a way that it can easily catch the attention of on-lookers. Both exterior and interior designs are aesthetically appealing.

On deck, the following facilities and amenities are available for the guests:
Well-stocked bar
Deck shower
Ice Box
Ice machine
Internet connection
Guest Phone
Indoor lounge
Music System
iPod Dock/MP3 player
Washing Machine
Sun beds
Sea ladder
Shade tents
Board games

To get the best of your Vivere yacht adventure, it would be best to plan your holiday in advance. You need to keep in mind that booking in advance is highly advisable especially if you want to take your vacation during the summer season. A lot of people are going to be booking for the most popular Turkish adventures and taking the Vivere yacht for a cruise is one of the main choices.

Alaturka 81 Gulet

Blue cruising along one of the sundry tourist spots located on the coast of Turkey, and Greece, is a holiday activity that is renowned world over. The Turkish Riviera is not home to just one, or two, but to many islands and cities located along the coast, each one famous for a variety of reasons, be it serene blue waters, ancient ruins, unique culture and cuisine, or a combination of rare wildlife and weather.


Several yacht charters provide people an opportunity to explore these possibilities on a myriad of routes along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Many gulets take people from a variety of nationalities but private charters are also an option for those wishing to travel with family and friends.


Alaturka 81 gulet is one such package, with starting prices ranging from €800 in April, peaking to €1100 in August. The catch to this trip is that you don’t have to go by predefined routes. These cruises offer you the opportunity to be your own master, to design your own trip! All of this depends on what your idea of a vacation is; whether you want to relax at dazzling beaches, or want some action and activities like paragliding and snorkelling, or if you want to visit the peace of a private harbour, the itineraries can be customised for you.


Alaturka 81 cabin
Alaturka 81 cabin

And for this price, the yacht itself offers luxury, recreation and fun that will never let you feel exhausted after a long day. This ketch style gulet can accommodate 18 people with 8 cabin rooms. Two sundecks to soak in the bountiful nature, and a horde of activities to while away the time with which include fishing and snorkelling equipment as well as board games like backgammon. You also get a deck shower and sun bed! Travel was never so comfy, but as long as you are in Turkey you’d better get used to it.


The most recommended trip starts with the port of Fethiye, providing access to Oludeniz beach, the resort village of Hisaronu, and Calis beach as well. As mentioned above, all of these locations are renowned for some specialty, have something to offer that is totally worth your time and effort.


Oludeniz beach is the most photographed one in the world, as its stunning view comprises a secluded sandy bay alongside a blue lagoon and nature reserves of underwater caves and fauna. It is famous for the ideal conditions for paragliding from Mount Babadag, to have a breath taking view, as well as snorkelling and scuba diving to explore the treasures underwater.


Fethiye itself is one of the main attractions in Turkey, the site of an ancient city, home to the ruins of various ancient civilisations, including a Lycian tomb, tombs built into cliffs, the sarcophagi scattered around the town, the Kadyanda Ancient City with its Hellenistic theatre and temple which look even more grandiose at night when all of this is floodlit.


There are not just things to ‘see’ but also to ‘do’, like hiking on the Lycian Way, visiting the farmer’s market on Tuesday, and visiting the amphitheatre. The international atmosphere makes for a good experience of culture and cuisine as well.


So if you wish to go for a personal and customisable experience, then Fethiye is the place to be, and the Alaturka 81 gulet will make good its promise to make it your most memorable experience.

The magnificent Alaturka 81
The magnificent Alaturka 81

The Best Gulets in Fethiye

Fethiye is a traditional town that boasts an excellent harbour. It is considered to be an international center for cruises and yachting. Whether you are travelling with your friends, companion or family, a sailing or a cruising trip on the Mediterranean, travelling on a gulet in Fethiye can offer you an experience like no other.

Gulets are essentially sailing vessels that are smaller than two beamed yachts. They are normally made by hand using mahogany, oak, teak wood and pine. These gulets are known to be extremely strong and trendy and are primarily built for cruising purposes. The classic ones offer a wide deck, sun lounges, luxurious and comfortable cabins equipped with modern day equipment. Modern day gulets are also known to come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can range from anything between 3-star gulets to 5-star gulets.

Most of the standard gulets in Fethiye offer decently sized accommodation for as many as 32 guests in their 16 air conditioned cabins that have been designed to suit your needs and preferences. The spacious front deck also allows enough space for socialising and having a great time while on-board. Furthermore, guests have the option of using the windsurfers and canoes or other amenities that may be available on board to make the most of the glorious surrounding sea. There are also smaller gulets to suit a range of group sizes.

The best gulets in Fethiye can be found on the Alaturka directory. Some of our most popular gulets in Fethiye include:

Alaturka 81 is a beautiful gulet boasting eight large cabins with ensuite bathrooms and home-style showers. Fully renovated in the winter of 2013, it can cater for 16 guests, has a large indoor saloon and both sun and shaded deck. The gulet also features a large alfresco dining area and bar. This is one of our most popular gulets in Fethiye and often needs to be booked months in advance.

Vivere is a luxury gulet in Fethiye equipped with many luxuries including front and rear alfresco dining areas, large entertainment system in the saloon and fully stocked bar. Vivere has seven cabins, a mix of double and twin and is one of the larger gulets in Fethiye harbour.

Ece Arina is one of the newest gulets in Fethiye and a new member to the Alaturka fleet. It has a capacity of up to 10 passengers and stocked with many adventure activites including wake board and skiis, kayak and ringo tube. Understandably it is a favourite with families who have younger children. The indoor saloon is also equipped with a comfortable couch with entertainment system for movies and music.

Ece Arina Gulet
Ece Arina Gulet

Esma Sultan 1 is the finest gulet in Fethiye but also departs from other harbours including Marmaris and Gocek. When you think of Esma Sultan, luxurious and deluxe springs to mind. It is jam packed with all the luxuries of home and more! From cabins featuring their own entertainment systems to a jacuzzi on deck, guests will feel totally pampered.
This yacht can hold up to 14 guests and have a multi lingual crew on board.


Fethiye is a large harbour and is home to many standard and luxury gulets. And what’s more, Alaturka is based in Fethiye, so gulets in Fethiye are our speciality. To book one of the above gulets or get more information about our other fantastic gulets in Fethiye please email us at

What is a gulet?

So you’re planning a trip to Turkey and have read reviews online, heard through friends or met fellow travellers who have recommended a gulet cruise while visiting Turkey. But what is a gulet? Here is a helpful guide to teach you about Turkish gulets and why it’s the best tour on the water!

A Turkish gulet, pronounced goo-let is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel. Similar boats can be found in the Mediterranean, as well as the Aegean and Croatian sailing waters. Made on the south-western coast of Turkey, particularly in the coastal towns of Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris it is extremely unique way to spend your holiday.

Gulets vary in length, height, depth and breadth and it is believed that no two gulets are identical. They range in size typically from 14 to 35 metres and can comfortably carry/sleep between 4 to 32 people. Cabin layouts vary; Alaturka have gulets that boast double, twin, triple and even quad rooms for families. Nowadays, most gulets are not rigged for sailing, instead use diesel engines however our crew try to do most of the long cruising in the early hours so guests can make the most of their time swimming, exploring on land and relaxing.

All our gulets are equipped with every luxury and amenity to create a magical holiday at sea. Turkish Gulets have a spacious sundeck, perfect for soaking up the sun and appreciating the views as you cruise the blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean. They also feature wide corridors, comfortable below deck cabins with en suite bathrooms, spacious indoor saloon, a bar (below or above deck) and plenty of outdoor cushioned lounging areas, where guests spend most of their time. On Alaturka gulets we enjoy delicious meals alfresco at a large table and provide plenty of shaded areas, allowing our guests to spend the majority of their time on the deck.

Alaturka offer private charters on Turkish gulets which have all been used for a variety of functions including:

  • Weddings and honeymoons
  • Birthday parties
  • Group & family holidays
  • Bucks and Hens getaways
  • Work breakups and team building
  • Corporate functions and meetings

We also have many couples, families and individual travellers choosing to travel on a cabin cruise with a pre-planned itinerary and like-minded travellers. Whatever your party size we can cater for you. Our Turkish gulets come in several different classes; standard, mid-range, luxury and deluxe.

For more information on our Turkish gulets please visit our fleet page or email us on

A luxury traditional Turkish gulet
A luxury traditional Turkish gulet