Luxury Yacht Charters: Turkey to the Greek islands

On your next holiday in Turkey, why not hire a Turkish gulet charter to explore the coastline and nearby Dodecanese Greek islands? This gathering of islands sprinkled where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean is best explored via a Turkish gulet. Even better if you have the opportunity to charter your own and explore the islands at your pace and leisure. When planning your personal charter itinerary, you have the freedom to choose your port of departure and arrival. Luckily, the Greek islands are accessible from various ports which you can choose based on your interests and travel plans.

From Marmaris

Marmaris is another option for those desiring the views of the Datca peninsula, in addition to some of the Greek islands such as Symi and Rhodes. The Datca peninsula is a secluded stretch with over 80 kilometers of coastline. As tourists traveling on land prefer to stay at the more easily accessible nearby cities of Bodrum and Marmaris, Datca has remained relatively untouched by the development of tourism. By boat, you will be able to explore secluded coves and beaches, and truly have an intimate experience enjoying the natural beauty of the peninsula. From Marmaris is it also possible to explore the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes. It is easy to even spend a few days on Rhodes, exploring the well preserved medieval city and perhaps taking a day tour of parts of the coast. Lindos is another city on the island, approximately 50 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and is also known for its ancient beauty as well as a vibrant nightlife.

From Fethiye

Symi and Rhodes are also accessible from Fethiye, a lovely port town located along the coast between Bodrum and Antalya. If you prefer to begin in one part while ending your cruise in another, feel free to get creative with your itinerary and travel from Fethiye, to the nearby Greek islands, and end your cruise in Marmaris, for example. This type of itinerary will allow you to explore more of the coast and perhaps even stay a night or two on land either before or after your chartered cruise. Fethiye is a beautiful town to explore and a few days could easily be spent wandering the old town and the markets and taking long walks along the harbor promenade before setting out to explore the beauty of the nearby Greek islands.

Before booking your luxury yacht charter from Turkey to the Greek islands, take some time to consider what port your group would prefer to depart from (and whether you would like to return to this same port or explore a new one). The opportunities for relaxation and adventure are endless and chartering a yacht for your next holiday may just be the best travel idea you have had yet.

From Bodrum

The standard routes from Bodrum are bound for either the north or south Dodecanese islands of Greece. The northern route includes the islands of Kos, Aspat, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Pserimos, and Xerokampos. Kos is the largest of these islands and is situated only 4 kilometers from Bodrum. The island is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates although travelers find their way here for the sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. The remaining smaller islands provide the perfect opportunity to explore Greek island culture through food, markets, and smiling faces found in the many charming villages. The southern island route includes Nisyros, Symi, and Rhodes. Symi and Rhodes are especially well known and are visited throughout the summer by travelers of all nationalities. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and Symi is known for its picturesque waterfront lined with colorful 19th century neoclassical homes.

Of course you can vary these routes according to the schedule and tastes of your group and the routes can even be combined if your time frame allows. Yacht charter Bodrum is an ideal option if you group is interested to not only explore the coastline and Greek islands, but also the local history of Bodrum itself.

Luxury Gulet Charter in Turkey: Read these tips

It may be overwhelming to choose from the array of Turkey Blue Cruise itineraries that are possible for your luxury gulet charter. These suggested steps will help to guide you through the process of choosing which charter is right for you and your group to create the perfect holiday experience.

  1. Consider Your Interests: Destinations and Activities

Are you seeking an active vacation filled with every spot along the coast that you have been dying to explore? Or is your group content with a private and calm experience that includes slow island hopping and days anchored in isolated and pristine bays? It is important to consider your interests before choosing the best route for your group.

There is plenty of history to explore via the many shore excursion options in towns, islands, and villages along the coast. Diving in Kas and paragliding in Oludeniz are highlights for those seeking a more adrenaline-filled holiday. Cruising between the many Greek islands in the area while also exploring the Turkish coastline is a great way to experience some of the best sites in both countries. A yacht charter Marmaris is the perfect launching point for exploring the stunning Datca peninsula and Fethiye is not only a beautiful town to explore, it is also the perfect place to start your cruise heading east towards Antalya.

  1. Arrival in Turkey

Your departure point may very well depend on where you land in Turkey. Cruises depart from many locations along the coast and depending on whether you choose to fly to Dalaman, Antalya or Bodrum, this could determine the starting point for your cruise. Bodrum is the best departure point for all Greek island cruises and any cruises departing from Marmaris. Dalaman is closest to Fethiye and Olympos is only a 1 ½ hour drive from Antalya.

You may even decide to fly into one airport and depart from another. This is the best option if you choose to cruise from Kemer or Olympos to Fethiye, for example. Flying into Antalya and out from Dalaman would be ideal in this situation. However, all airports are easily reachable from all cruise destinations, whether by local minibus or private transfer.

  1. Your Group Needs and Budget

When choosing your gulet charter itinerary, it is important to consider the time and budget you are working with. Depending on your budget and whether your group has 4 days or 2 weeks to spare for their summer holiday will greatly affect the route you choose. Here are some popular route examples, broken down by time frame:

4 day routes:

Fethiye – Marmaris

Fethiye – Oludeniz – Fethiye

Olympos to Fethiye

8 day routes:

Fethiye – Marmaris – Fethiye

Fethiye – Antalya

Bodrum – Gulf of Hisaronu – Bodrum

Bodrum – North Greek Islands – Bodrum

Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum

14 day routes:

Marmaris – Kekova – Marmaris

Your group can choose from a long list of standard blue cruise itineraries or if you are feeling creative, you can combine destinations and create your own.

  1. Choose Your Gulet

Gulets range in size, services, and level of luxury. All are equipped with cabins, private bathrooms, and a full kitchen for daily preparation of meals for your group. Crews take pride in the exceptional cuisine provided on board. The size of your gulet will depend on the number of passengers and you are free to choose the level of luxury that best suits you.

Although the price tag of a private gulet charter may cost no more than a few nights stay at a luxury hotel, your private charter will give you the freedom to explore the beauty of the Turquoise Coast at your pace, all while including your accommodation and freshly prepared daily meals. To best explore the coastline, bays, and islands of Mediterranean Turkey, a luxury gulet charter is hard to beat.



Luxury Gulet Charter: Bodrum to the Greek islands

Sometimes the options for blue cruise Turkey are overwhelming with so many beautiful places to visit and explore. However, if you have decided to begin your journey in Bodrum, all that remains is planning your itinerary for visiting the nearby Dodecanese islands of Greece. The following islands are easily accessible and all stunning in their own unique ways. Depending on your time frame, it is possible to explore the majority of the islands, getting a very good taste for Greek culture in this region of the Aegean sea.


Kos is the largest of the northern Dodecanese islands and is known for its abundantly sandy beaches. The island is rich with Greek and Roman landmarks, including a castle, many temples, and a villa that boasts lavish mosaics. It is also one of the most fertile Greek islands and has three large protected areas for nature to flourish. The sunsets on Kos are an extremely beautiful sight and there are many vantage points around the island from which to enjoy this marvel. Busy cosmopolitan cafes and rustic taverns in the town of Kos are a perfect way to end your day after exploring the history and natural beauty of this island.



A small island with only 80 reported inhabitants, Pserimos is an isolated island with a pleasant amount of charm. It is one of the smallest inhabited islands in Greece making it a unique stop along your gulet journey. Although small, Pserimos has a number of sparkling white sand beaches and a few tavernas with delicious local food.


Leros is a very mountainous and green island with many secluded bays and beaches to enjoy. You can rent a bike or explore the island easily by foot. Be sure to take a walk around Plantanos, the main city of Leros, and if you are feeling energetic, climb the 300 steps up to the Castle of Leros. The narrow streets and flower gardens make Plantanos a charming place to spend an afternoon ashore.


On Lipsi you can enjoy sandy beaches and explore the capital with its traditional white houses and local tavernas. Platis and Giolos beaches are particularly beautiful and provide the perfect place to relax and marvel at the crystal clear water.


Patmos is another small island but is well known for its religious history. It is also a mythological phenomenon as it is known to have been a present from Zeus to his daughter, Artemis. You can easily spend an afternoon strolling around and exploring the local monasteries.


After Kos and Rhodes, this is the 3rd most populous Dodecanese island. It is one of the wealthiest Greek islands and is known as the “sponge divers” island as sponges were once the main source of income for the island. With its dramatic mountains it is also a popular rock climbing spot year round, attracting climbers from all over the world. Pothia harbor is the capital of this island and is linked to other towns by a coastal highway with spectacular views.



Nisyors remains a peaceful island destination, relatively undisturbed by tourism. It is a private spot along the southern route, making it an ideal stop while en route to the larger islands of Symi and Rhodes. It is mostly famous for its young and active volcano but is also known for its picturesque villages and pristine local beaches.


Symi should definitely be included on your itinerary and have your cameras ready when approaching this harbor. The waterfront is lined with colorful 19th century neoclassical homes that have been originally restored according to strict regulations. There is also an annual music festival hosted here and if you plan it right, you might be able to stop over at the right time. On the opposite side of the island, there is a major Greek Orthodox pilgrimage site known as the Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis. Symi is incredibly charming and well worth the visit.


Be sure to reserve some time on your itinerary for Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands. As home to over 50,000 people, Rhodes has a vibrant downtown and plenty of nature to explore around the island. Lindos, another town approximately 50 kilometers away from the city of Rhodes, is worth traveling to either by organized tour or rented motorbike. The nightlife on the island is also a particularly fantastic so be sure to take a wander around after enjoying a relaxing dinner on board your gulet.

No matter which of the Greek islands you choose to explore while on your private blue cruise Bodrum, you are sure to enjoy all that this region has to offer. Relish in the beauty of Greek culture and delicious local cuisine. Soak in some sun and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of this unique area while enjoying the luxuries of a private Turkish gulet experience.

Standard or Luxury Gulet Charter in Turkey

Gulet cruises Turkey: private luxury charter or standard cabin cruise? How do you choose? Both can be equally as relaxing and at times there is hardly a price difference, depending on the time of year, size of the boat, and number of people you are traveling with. If you are traveling with a group focused on certain destinations, private charters are ideal. However, if you are single or a couple traveling and seeking a relaxing holiday with everything planned for you, standard cabin cruises may be just the right fit for your time in Turkey. The options are endless so here are a few ideas to narrow down your decision for your next holiday.

Standard Cabin Cruise

Standard cabin cruises are an affordable and relaxing way to explore the Turquoise Coast. Predetermined popular routes make this option a stress-free way to enjoy your holiday in Turkey.


  1. The planning is done for you. All you have to do is purchase your cruise and board the gulet on the day of departure.
  2. If you are traveling alone, as a couple or in a small group, this is the most affordable option. You are also likely to meet great people and maybe even make lifelong friends during your time cruising the coast.
  3. You are free from the obligation of hiring an entire boat.


  1. Cruising with new people could present a potential problems if interests among passengers are not aligned. That being said, most of the time is spent outdoors on deck or swimming, or on land excursions exploring various destinations.
  2. Itineraries are predetermined with no flexibility.
  3. Length of cabin cruises is predetermined and if you are looking to fill more than 4 or 5 days, it will be hard to find a cruise to your liking.

Luxury Gulet Charter

Luxury gulet charters are an affordable way to feel like VIP, with the utmost privacy for you and your traveling companions as you enjoy the wonders of the Turkish Mediterranean. Itineraries are flexible and determined by you, making this an ideal option for a family vacation, birthday celebration, or tropical getaway for you and your friends.


  1. If you are traveling with a larger group, this is often the most affordable and comfortable way to go as you will be traveling with people you know.
  2. You will have your choice of initial itinerary and your group is free to be flexible with the route along the way. For example, on a yacht charter Fethiye, you may decide to spend an extra night while anchored in Butterfly Valley while en route to Olympos or Antalya.
  3. Choose your menu! Charter passengers can review the cruise menu and make slight adjustments according to the tastes and/or diet restrictions of the group.
  4. The length of your cruise is also set by you, charters can range from 5 days to 2 weeks or more depending on the length of your holiday.


  1. This option can be more expensive and is only best for larger groups traveling together.
  2. There is more planning involved as you will be given suggestions for routes, but more effort will have to be taken on your part if there are certain areas your group would like to explore. Of course, blue cruise companies are extremely helpful and will assist in the planning every step of the way.

Whether you choose to hop on a cabin cruise or plan out your perfect family getaway aboard a luxury gulet charter, your holiday in Turkey is sure to be a success. With crystal clear turquoise waters, secluded bays and beaches, picturesque islands, and vibrant seaside villages and towns, blue cruising in Turkey is a holiday that is hard to beat. Weigh your options and determine what is best for your next holiday. We will be waiting!

Learn More About Turkish Yachts and Cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy Turkey is to take a cruise through its magnificent turquoise waters. This is where Turkish yachts and cruises come in. There are several Turkish yachts that you can choose from, as well as a variety of Turkish and cruises you can book for.
Destinations and Cruise Packages
If you are decided to enjoy your holiday on board one of the best Turkish yachts, then you need to know what your choices are. The most ideal cruising line in Turkey is the expanse of coastline starting from Izmir (through Kusadasi), to Bodrum, to Marmaris, to Fethiye/Kas and then to Antalya.
There are basically four yacht charter locations in Turkey; the Iconian Coast, Carian Coast, West Lycian Coast, and the East Lycian Coast.

  • The Iconian Coast is a coastline with the best climate and it covers Izmir, Kusadasi, Gulluk and Bodrum.
  • The Carian Coast on the other hand, is the most sought after sailing ground as it covers two of the biggest yacht cruise bases in the country; Marmaris and Bodrum.
  • The West Lycian Coast is the known as the pirate coast because of its untamed mountainous shores along with several hidden coves.
  • The East Lycian Coast covers the Fethiye, Kas, Finike and Antalya range and it is full of rock tombs and other ancient ruins.
The beautiful and rugged Lycian Coast
The beautiful and rugged Lycian Coast

Crewed Turkish Yachts
There are two main options you can choose from if you want to sail on a Turkish yacht; you can either hire a whole vessel or you can join other tourists and visitors on board a Blue Voyage cruise.
With hired Turkish yachts, clients are provided with the best luxuries and the most comfort because they do not have to share accommodations and the services with other people that they do not know. When you hire a Turkish yacht, you can also expect to have a say when it comes to the destinations or ports of stop. This means you can tour the entire Mediterranean Sea during your entire cruise or you can just make a few stops at some of the best ports in Turkey.
For Blue Voyage cruises, you do not have the privilege of being exclusively served by the vessel crew. You share the yacht, the service and the experience with other clients. The advantage of booking for this tour packages is that you can enjoy your holiday even if you are on your own because you wouldn’t really be alone. A lot of people choose this cruise because they like meeting new people during their travels. For more information on these cruises and about Turkish yachts visit the fleet and itinerary pages of this website.

Benefits of a Luxury Cruise from Fethiye

A luxury cruise Fethiye offers a lot of advantages than shared cruises. With a luxury cruise you can expect quality of service and accommodations. Alaturka Yachting & Travel, a Fethiye based company offering these kinds of cruise packages understand the personal needs of their clients and they know exactly how to provide for the needs tourists are accustomed to.
Unique or Simple Experiences
With a luxury cruise Fethiye you can also expect unique experiences because it can show you the Turkish peninsula in a very distinctive way. There are a lot of choices open for you and you can opt for the most unique or the simplest, whatever suits your needs. Whether you are just wanting to relax and see the sights or you want to include extras like watersports, land tours and Turkish belly dancers – all of this can be catered for.


Massages, one of the many experiences that can be included on a luxury cruise from Fethiye
Massages, one of the many experiences that can be included on a luxury cruise from Fethiye

Special Itineraries
A luxury cruise Fethiye can also provide you with the option to select your own agenda or itinerary. This means that you have the say in where you will go, where you will stay and for how long you are going to stay at one stop. This is all planned with the advice of extremely experience staff who know these waters like the back of their hand. They will be able to suggest routes and what is physically possible for a yacht of your chosen size. Such privilege allows you to truly enjoy a very special cruising experience.
Everything Included
One other benefit of luxury cruise Fethiye is that you wouldn’t have to worry about provisions and other basic necessities. Everything you will ever need will be right there waiting for you. You only have to bring yourself, your friends and of course your swimsuits. This means that you have paid for everything and there is no need to worry about extra expenses once you are sailing in the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean.
The Best Turkish Cuisine
Since you are going for a luxury cruise Fethiye you should also expect to dine five-star style. Your meals are going to be prepared and cooked by a very experienced chef and then served by the most courteous service crew. You may even be given the option to choose the cuisine of your preference. But it best recommended to take advice from the company as to what cuisine or meal to choose.
Lastly, a luxury cruise Fethiye is the best option because it gives you the chance to enjoy exclusivity. You wouldn’t have to share the vessel, as you are renting it for the duration of your choice. You also wouldn’t have to wait for the services as the captain and the crew are just there to answer your queries and to provide you with all your on board needs. A luxury cruise Fethiye is indeed one of the best choices when you want to experience Turkey in the most comfortable way.

5 things you may not know about a luxury yacht charter

We all can imagine what a luxury yacht charter consists of; blue pristine water, luxurious cabins, delicious meals and lots of relaxing. Yes these are all part of yacht chartering a luxury gulet in Turkey but there are plenty of things that you may not know about luxury yacht charters that make them the best type of holidays.


So without further ado, here are 5 things you may not know about a luxury yacht charter.


  1. Crew speak lots of different languages

With Alaturka depending on where you are from and what language you speak, we often recommend yachts that have staff that speak the same language. Some of our deluxe yachts have crew that speak over seven languages between them. We want you to be extremely comfortable on your luxury yacht charter and therefore try to ensure you can communicate with at least one crew member in your first spoken language. On all of our yachts we do have English speaking crew as well.


  1. Combine cruises with land activities

Often we have travellers that have limited time in Turkey and they fear if they book a cruise they will miss out on all Turkey has to offer. On our luxury yacht charters, our guests can not only expect swimming, snorkelling and activities on the water, but we can also accommodate activities on the land. Tours to Pamukkale when moored in Fethiye – no problem. Why not add a city tour of Rhodes with a local guide onto your tour. All this and more can be arranged to be included in your luxury yacht charter.


  1. Local guides can be included

As mentioned in the above, Alaturka can include a local guide for your activities. Prefer to have a local guide with you on your entire journey? Our expert guides can be included on your luxury yacht charter to describe the history of sites you visit on your holiday at sea, recommend local haunts and cafes to visit and be there for anything you may need on your trip.


  1. TV and entertainment systems

Your enjoyment does not end when the sun sinks into the sea. Our luxury yacht charters have large indoor lounges with entertainment systems, Plasma TVs, DVD players with a selection of movies and playstations to keep the family entertained throughout the entire day. Or want to stay outdoors in the warm night air; some of our gulets even have Jacuzzis. Imagine yourself sipping champagne under the luminescent moon in a hot tub!


  1. Not all luxury yacht charters are expensive

A big misconception of luxury yacht charters is that they are extremely expensive. Indeed there are yachts that only the very rich and famous can afford to travel on but we also have more economical yet luxurious yachts to suit groups of all sizes and budgets.

Talk to our friendly staff to find the right yacht for you and your party.


There are many other reasons that make luxury yacht charters incredible, these are just the top of the list. Can you think of any other reasons that travellers may not know about luxury yacht charters in Turkey?


Luxury Yacht Charters in Turkey
Luxury Yacht Charters in Turkey

Journey the Mediterranean on the Alaturka gulet

Nothing beats cruising the Turquoise coast when it comes to exploring Turkey and Greece. And this is where the Alaturka gulet comes in. Totally renovated in the winter of 2013/2014 – the Alaturka gulet is the preferred choice when it comes to booking a private cruise for 2015 and beyond!

Popular Tourist Destinations
The Alaturka gulet can take you to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. In Turkey, you will be able to explore Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris, Demre, Datca, Kas and Bodrum to name a few destinations. The most popular itineraries when travelling on the Alaturka gulet include the Fethiye Kekova one week cruise or the Fethiye to Marmaris and return 1 week cruise. Due to the size of this gulet at just 23 meters, this yacht can travel into areas where larger boats are restricted to go.


Alaturka Layout
The Alaturka gulet is decked out with seven cabins of all different shapes and sizes. There are two doubles, two twin cabins, two triples and one quad room meaning this gulet can cater up to 16 people. More often than not, families prefer this yacht as children can bunk in together in the quad room but then there are also the double rooms for an adults retreat. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms with showers. Inside there is also an indoor lounge and the kitchen where all the delicious meals will be cooked is inside too. On the upper deck, guests can enjoy both the sun lounges and an area with shaded lounges. At the rear a large dining table sits in front of an enclosed bar where you will eat alfresco and spend yours nights chatting, playing board games and cards and enjoying each others company.


The Alaturka gulet also includes snorkelling gear, floating devices, noodles, board games and plenty of activities to keep the whole group entertained.


Alaturka gulet cabin
Alaturka gulet cabin


In low season, the Alaturka gulet is just 700 euro per day for a private charter. Private charters are from 4 days and up depending on the time of the year you are travelling and other bookings. In high season, the gulet hire is 1000 euro per day. Meals and drinks are extra, but if you book a package of gulet hire and meals you are sure to get a good deal!


For more information about private chartering the Alaturka gulet email

What to Expect from the Kemer to Kekova Cruise

For tourists who want a different kind of adventure, charter cruises are a recommended holiday alternative. This kind of vacation allows you to enjoy the different offerings that different locations can offer while giving you the time to relax and take pleasure in being pampered while on the cruise. If you are planning to visit Turkey, you should try the Kemer to Kekova cruise.
A Kemer to Kekova cruise can take you and your company to some of the Mediterranean’s most exciting ancient destinations. It also allows you to have fun while on the sea with the friendly and accommodating staff ready to do as your bidding.
Private Charter or Group Kemer to Kekova Cruise
There are two options open for tourists who would like to enjoy a Kemer to Kekova cruise; chartering a private boat and booking for a cabin on a group cruise.
Hiring an entire boat gives you and your company the chance to really enjoy the whole adventure without having to share the accommodations with other people. This is an ideal option if you are having a holiday with a number of people or if you are going on a honeymoon.
But, if you want to have a real adventure, your best choice is to join a regular group cruise and book your cabin. This option allows you to meet other people from different parts of the world while you get to enjoy a unique and exciting Turkish holiday. If you are worried about being with a crowd, you shouldn’t because with your own cabin, you get to enjoy some privacy and it also includes your own ensuite bathroom.
Kemer to Kekova Cruise Attractions
The following are some of the attractions that you can expect to see and enjoy in the regions around and between Kemer and Kekova:


Lycian Ruins (Olympos) – Most of the ruins that can be found on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast belonged to the Lycian empire, which include the Olympos ruins that are now very popular for tourists and backpackers.
Bohemian town of Kas – Kas is a Bohemian town nestled in between the sea (Mediterranean Sea) and the Taurus Mountains. This is an ideal place to visit and stay for musicians, writers and artists.
Xanthos Ruins – The ruins at Xanthos is one of the reasons why many tourists prefer to take the Kemer to Kekova cruise. The ruins boast of the Xanthian Obelisk, an ancient Amphitheater, Pillar Tomb, and the Harpy Tomb.


Xanthos Ruins
Xanthos Ruins

A Kemer to Kekova cruise is surely a good choice when it comes to holidaying in the Turkish Mediterranean Coast. This is a vacation option that allows tourists to have a great time visiting different locations while also getting the chance to enjoy pampering and total relaxation.

Private Yacht Charters on the Mediterranean

If you want to avoid booking a room in a hotel and you desire to enjoy total relaxation, delicious food and superb swimming, combined with archaeological sightseeing, then renting a Private Yacht Charter in Turkey could be the perfect decision when planning your holidays.
Alaturka Cruises offers a variety of yachts, from traditional Turkish gulets and motor yachts to small and large sailing yachts. Carefully selected vessels will ensure that your family holidays in Turkey, will be an unforgettable experience of the best in class, quality and comfort.

Professional private gulet tour
You don’t have to worry about sailing, because the crew of Alaturka Cruises will make sure that your worries will remain forgotten on the coastline and you will leave your senses to enjoying the beauties of the Mediterranean sea. While deciding of booking a private yacht charter in Turkey, we will help you to find a perfect gulet or a yacht, depending on your wishes, and will also advise you which itinerary would be the best for your group. The private yacht charter list includes different locations in Greece and Turkey and also a variety of possibilities of your base port departure.

The history of a gulet
Deriving from the French word goulette, the Turkish word gulet, describes a traditional Turkish wooden vessel, usually made from the local pine. The gulets were, for a long time, used for transport and fishing along the southern coasts of Turkey. Nowadays, they are redesigned in comfortable boats for private gulet tours in Turkey.

Activities on the gulet
When choosing a private gulet tour, you have plenty opportunities for swimming, snorkelling or cliff jumping as your gulet sails along the coast of Turkey or Greece. This wonderful way of sailing is commonly known as a blue cruise. On a luxury blue cruise, the food is prepared by the gulet on board cook, who ensures you try out fresh local specialties. For the traditional Turkish breakfast on a private gulet tour, they usually serve bread, olives, tomato, cheese, eggs, honey and yoghurt. While the lunch and dinner represent the main course, combined with selected fresh vegetable salads, fruit or sweets. The luxury blue cruise will not disappoint your taste buds, with trying the local wines, beers spirits and fresh fruit juices.

Family holidays with a luxury blue cruise
Holidays constitute an important part of spending time with your family of the closed ones. That is why the tranquillity of sailing on a gulet, near the Mediterranean coastline, discovering different historical, archaeological and cultural sights, could not disappoint your family members, especially if they are passionate about the sea and sailing.

The luxury blue cruise also adds a romantic note to your adventure, with offering you the breath taking panoramic scenery of the sea and wonders of nature, while observing the sunrises or sunsets. Witnessing the clear marine blue waters and green nature of the Mediterranean, is a true relaxation for your body and mind that is why a private gulet tour in Turkey will for sure remain a unique experience for your family holidays in Turkey.

Private yacht charter trips
Private yacht charter trips