Alaturka Cruises

At Alaturka we really pride ourselves on having some of the most delicious food on board. We try to cook with what is in season and meal after meal dish out some of the more delicious food you will eat in your time in Turkey. Our feedback is always so incredibly positive. Check out our meals on board section for much more detailed information in regards to the meals we serve on board. Every night, weather permitting we try to cook up a BBQ for you on board. Situated at the front of our boats is a little coal mobile BBQ. Your crew will get out there and be cooking you fish, meat or chicken on each night of your cruise. You will be wishing dinner to come sooner with the delicious smell of the marinated meats and your mouth will be watering. When your meal is finally served you will be blown away with how delicious it all is and you will not be looking for more as our servings are always plentiful.