Alaturka Cruises

Fishing seems to be becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Many of our guests will request to have a fish, whilst on board there gulet. A lot of our gulets have fishing equipment on board, but it will be your basic hand reel. However, you will find this is enough. The crew on board are normally quiet enthusiastic to get involved too and will know the best places when to throw in a line. It is normally when you are cruising along and hoping for the best. You will know when the crew have got a bite as the Captain will quickly slow down the boat from motoring along to see if their catch is worthy. 

For real keen fishing enthusiasts you will probably be more disappointed with whats on offer compared to so many other places. Sadly the Mediterranean Ocean has been quite over fished in the past years so there is a lot less fish around, especially as deep as the lines can go. To get really spectacular catches you need to dive for this fish. However for a bit of fun and a great time waster why not have a go. Your chef will then kindly cook up your catch for you that night to either devour yourself or share among your fellow passengers.