Alaturka Cruises

In Turkey you are so spoilt for the amazing cuisine of offer. From mouth watering vegetarian dishes to delicious and succulent meats and amazing desserts. Well it doesn’t stop there and they even specialise in some pretty special ice cream. Turkish ice cream is nothing like you have had before. You could describe it as chewy and almost elastic like, which sounds so unappetising! Yet the ice cream is so incredibly delicious. This unusual texture for an ice cream is to help it not melt too quickly in the Turkish heat, so you don’t have the ice cream melting on you before you have had the chance to devour it. As the ice cream is made fresh you will usually see the seasonal flavours, like the local melons and nuts all incorporated. To make the Turkish ice cream experience even more unique you have to see how it is served to you. Normally the ice cream vendor is dressed up in traditional Turkish wear and will be shouting out your attention. I don’t want to give anything away in regards to the experience, but when you go to buy the ice cream, be sure to be walking away with the ice cream you are paying for. I will say no more, but simply enjoy! Whilst you are cruising in the summer heat there are so many occasions that scream ice cream time - so when you hit up the towns look for the local vendors and when you are on board you will be lucky enough for there to be an ice cream seller that comes along in his small boat. Usually only selling main stream ice creams, but the magnums - any flavour, are well worth it.