Alaturka Cruises

It has been said before how many highlights there are on an Alaturka Blue Cruise, but one that really does rate high on most guests feedback form is the chance to sleep under the stars. No matter what time of the year it is, there is always something pretty special being able to sleep in the great outdoors under a clear night sky saturated in stars. In the summer months it is honestly too warm to sleep inside your cabins, so you will find all your crew and other passengers up on deck with you to also enjoy the experience. If the weather is a little cooler you may just be able to enjoy the experience alone, which would be something extra special. So when its time to hit the sack go grab your bedding from your cabin and come back on deck to pick your sun bed and set up for the night. What is also nice to getting to fall asleep to the gentle lapping of the ocean beneath you and then waking up to the same beautiful noise. It really is an experience you will do night after night. For those of you from the southern hemisphere what is even more special is getting to see a whole new sky of stars. So see what consolations you can pick out to enjoy a different view from what you are normally used to. If all of this really does sound like your cup of tea, we dare you one night to do it and then you will see what we are talking about.