Alaturka Cruises

On your blue cruise itinerary you will find there is plenty of time dedicated to swimming and getting to enjoy the beautiful ocean that surrounds you. The waters that you cruise through are so incredibly clear and beautiful that you are spoilt for being able to see so deep into the ocean just by looking in from the deck. If you want a closer look though there is always plenty of opportunity to grab your mask and snorkel and jump in to spend sometime snorkelling around. Now although all our boats are equipped with snorkelling equipment, it is shared around all the passengers. So if you are adamant that you want your own each time then it won’t hurt to buy a set before you board. 

In quite a few bays that you do stop in you will be spoilt by the friendly turtles that will come up and swim beside you. As the years have gone on the turtles are coming out more and more so you will really be hard pressed not to see a few. There will also be some small fish swimming around for you to enjoy and you can go off and explore along the rocky coastline. The Mediterranean is a beautiful ocean and you will not be disappointed to take the time out for a closer look into the deep.