Alaturka Cruises

Butterfly Valley is a large canyon on the southern coastline of Turkey and one of the most popular stops along the blue cruise itineraries. The valley is a wonderful example of the beautiful mother nature and her creations. Although the name indicates that you will find an abundance of butterflies, this is not quite the case any longer. As the valley over the years has become more and more popular the valley is under ever increasing pressure from the introduced elements. So sadly this has taken away the amount of butterflies that have been found in the valley in past years. In saying that though there have been many many guests who have spotted more then a few on there little trek. So keep your eyes open and you may just be in luck. 

There is always time for you to get off the boat to explore Butterfly Valley by foot. You will be taken to shore in the dingy, although the swim to shore is actually a nicer way to approach the beach. Once your feet hit the land you have a few options, you can either just chill out on the beach, you can see if the cliff top bar is open for a drink or you can wander on into the valley. You will pay a small entrance fee on arrival and then have your time to explore. You will reach a certain point in the valley where there is normally a waterfall. Although there are ropes provided to climb further we request that you do not climb any further for safety reasons. No point cutting the holiday short! Regardless of whether you take a trek or just chill out at the beach you will be leaving Butterfly Valley agreeing with why people rate it as one of the most beautiful places in Turkey.