Alaturka Cruises

There are so many highlights on your Alaturka Blue Cruise to really list them all. But there are certainly some stand out moments and some special experiences that you can get no where else. Whilst cruising the Mediterranean, there are many benefits of your life on board. The weather is hot, the nights and mornings are warm and the days even warmer and there you have the ocean right there at your fingertips and toes end. So when you wake up and if you are not on the move, why not throw on your swimmers and take a jump in the ocean to wake yourself up. Can certainly think of worse ways to start your day. There is always plenty of time for a quick dip whilst breakfast is being prepared and it maybe exactly what the doctor has ordered to shake off a fun night, the night before. 

If you do wake up early enough, then you maybe lucky to catch sunrise. It is a pretty special time of day when things seem to still and quiet before the day begins. You maybe the only one up with the crew, or maybe some of the other passengers on board to enjoy seeing the sun as it pops up over the horizon and sets the sky full of colour. So sit back and enjoy it and make the most of it while you can.