Alaturka Cruises

The southern coastline of Turkey is a very popular spot for many people who come into Turkey as it is on there must see list. Not only is the coastline extremely beautiful and an attraction in itself, but it is also covered in some very impressive ancient sights that scatter all the way along the coast. You can take in a lot of the sights by bus, foot and also by boat. Stretching from Fethiye to Antalya is a famous trek called The Lycian Way. This is one of the most popular treks that you can do throughout the world and is becoming more popular every year. The trekking paths take you along the cliff tops of the coastline as well as onto many secluded beaches whilst taking in the best of the sights along the way. People will come from all over the world to undertake the track in parts or try to complete the track in full. Some of the major ancient sights that are very popular along this coastline are St Nicholas Church, The Ancient City of Myra, Simena Castle, The Sunken City, Kas Amphitheatre, St Nicholas Island, Fethiye rock tombs and Patara just to name a few. As you cruise between Fethiye and Olympos you do pass many of these sights and some you are given the chance to get off the boat and go and visit. So why not make the most of the chances to stretch your legs and get onshore to immerse yourself in the history that is scattered all along this coastline.