Alaturka Cruises

For those on board who want a little more action on the waterways, then you will get your chance at a few stops along the coastline that offer water sports. Your best bet is to bargain your best deal with them as they come around to sell to you many water sports on offer. You will have the chance to be pulled behind a speed boat on either the big banana or the doughnuts/ringos. This is super good fun and normally can be done with a  group of you. Be sure to ask the driver to go a littler faster each time if you really are the thrill seeker. There is also the chance to go parasailing where you are pulled up on a parachute behind the boat. So if you are a little too scared for the paragliding, then this maybe a great option for you to still get up in the sky. Im recent years the water sports have also been offering water skis and wake boarding. You probably need the experience to jump on these, but with relatively calm waters it maybe a great place to give it a go. So be sure to keep your eye out for the small motor boats approaching your gules and you will normally hear them coming as they will be blaring loud music & shouting out for your attention, but if you also want to know where the opportunities are you can ask your friendly crew so you do not miss out. It certainly gives you something else to do whilst on board and is a fun way to spend your afternoon whilst anchored down.