Blue Cruises Turkey

Alaturka blue cruises are some of the most popular blue cruising holidays within Turkey. Whether you are a couple, a group of friends or a solo traveller we can accommodate all requests whilst not making you pay more if you are travelling alone. Our cruises attract all walks of life from all over the world. Younger crowds, middle age, older travellers and even families. Be sure to make sure you book in a cruise along the Turquoise coast with Alaturka, as we are sure it will be a highlight of your time in Turkey.

Over the next 2 pages you will see all the cabin cruises that are on offer. Take a look through to see which one looks good to you. Then you can either go ahead and book online or if you have any further questions about the cruise check out our FAQ page (link found at the bottom of the page) or please do not hesitate to contact Alaturka direct and one of our experienced and friendly crew will help you out.

The crew at Alaturka look forward to welcoming you on board! So what are you waiting for - go ahead and book today!

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