Antalya Accommodations


There is plenty of choice at all budget levels both with Kaleici, and indeed the City Centre, as well as either side, west and east of Antalya. Antalya has a well-developed tourist industry because of the great weather temperture and as a result the infrastructure offers everything a tourist might need.

This area west of the centre has several alternatives aiming specifically at tourists, good examples being the Sealife Resort and the Portobello Hotel Resort & Spa.

City Centre
The Ramada Plaza typifies what is on offer, and all-inclusive packages are available. In some ways it would be a shame to take one because this hotel is close to the charm of Kaleici, important shopping streets and plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants. It would be a shame to stay within a hotel simply because everything is paid for because Antalya has much to offer.

Other good choices in the centre of Antalya are Rixos Downtown Antalya, Adonis Hotel Antalya and the Marmara Antalya.

The Old Town has a number of pension-type alternatives, properties of age but nevertheless comfortable accommodation in an atmospheric part of the City. There are also some high quality boutique hotels taking advantage of the great environment of this district. Although none of these places are large, many have restaurants and small pools.

Visitors wanting to stay in this area might like to try one of the following for simple and clean accommodation:

•Whitegarden Hotel 
•Kale's Homestay
•Terra Anatolia House 
•Sibel Pansiyon
•Hotel Blue Sea Garden
Two that are a little more expensive are Alp Pasa Hotel and the Tuvana Hotel.

There is a long stretch of hotels, at least 4 stars, along the coastline, many offering all-inclusive packages to visitors that come from many parts of Europe and the Middle East. Lara starts near the centre of the city and offers hotels like Hotel Club Falcon and the Bilem High Class are no distance out of the centre. Further down the coast there are places like the Sera Club and once the road passes east of Antalya Airport there is real luxury in such hotels as WOW Kremlin Palace Antalya, Titanic Hotel Antalya, Limak Lara and Sherwood Breeze all of whom have beaches for guests to enjoy.