Antalya Best sunsets


The sun sets over the sea and there are numerous places where locals and visitors can enjoy watching it sink below the horizon.  It might even be nice to sit on high overlooking Antalya on Tunektepe Hill enjoying a drink before dinner. You can stop and park up just as you arrive in Antalya by road if it is at that time of the day

This area west of the city centre offers plenty of opportunity to see the sun go down. You can sit on the beach bearing in mind how warm Antalya is in summer, even as the sun sinks. Alternatively there are cafes on the promenade to enjoy a beer or coffee while enjoying the sight.

The Old Town slopes down to a small harbour which is ringed by cafes and restaurants. You may decide that this is an ideal spot for dinner but if not, it is certainly a good place to stop for a drink to enjoy the sun setting.

Lara begins in the centre of the city and stretches many miles east. All along the coastline there are places to enjoy watching the sun going down. There are cafes and restaurants where customers can sit outside and relax though there is nothing wrong in simply sitting on a seat on cliff or beach and getting a similar view.