Antalya How to get here


Antalya Airport is tremendously busy. Istanbul Antalya domestic flights land at regular intervals but there are cheap flights to Antalya direct from many parts of the Middle East and Europe. The highway running east –west parallel to the coast offers easy access for drivers and buses alike.

Flights to Antalya are constant all year round. There are fewer in the winter but with golf becoming so popular in Belek Antalya has golfers flying in all months of the year. The number of flights increases in the spring right round to the winter and Antalya can claim to almost match Istanbul for the number of arrivals.

The airport is fairly close to the City and an Antalya Airport transfer is simple to arrange. The all-inclusive luxury hotels are as close as 15 minutes away and the City Centre perhaps half an hour. 

There is a domestic terminal and two international terminals. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus are Turkey’s airlines while the major holiday companies and such cheap airlines as Easyjet are regular visitors.

The National Coach Network is excellent. The major cities of the Country are well linked by road with coaches regular and fairly cheap. In addition there is a coastal route Fethiye, Klalkan, Kas, Kemer Antalya from the west and Side Antalya coming from the west.

Getting around
Within the City there are local dolmuses (mini-buses) as well as normal bus and tram services. There is a light rail service running from the outskirts near the Antalya Zoo, past the otogar (main bus station) down to the city centre. The taxis are metered and good value for money; if you have plenty of shopping you may need one.