Antalya Weather


Antalya weather justifies a visit all year round. The weeks of summer are hot with the sea a blessed relief. Those who sail the seas can enjoy the experience, guaranteed a suntan but with often a gentle breeze to slightly reduce the temperature.

Weather in Antalya in January and February
Many of Antalya’s top hotels happily welcome guests all year round. Really cold days are rare and there is still plenty of sunshine, average of 7 hours a day with the vast majority of days dry even though this is the ‘rainy season.’ Temperature highs are the upper teens though the average is around 13, a few degrees below the sea temperature. If you are unlucky and have a really bad day, why not go to Terra City?

Weather in Antalya in March, April and May
Temperatures gradually increase through spring into early summer. There is less and less rain with only a handful of days when it might fall going into May. It may be as warm as the upper 20s at times in May with the average certainly in excess of 20. The sea temperature is rising as well with it likely to be 20 and rising by the end of this period.

Weather in Antalya in June, July and August
Summer in Antalya means clear blue skies, temperatures touching 40C and even late at night there is never any need for a coat. Rain is a rarity but actually quite pleasant if it happens. The sea by now is warm, in the mid-20s. Night-time activities are great outside. 

Weather in Antalya in September and October
Although temperatures fall slightly after August, the weather is still very warm and pleasant in the evenings. While the temperature of the sea begins to fall, it is still very pleasant for swimming. There may be a little more rain but with averages still in the mid-20s it is no more than a passing inconvenience.

Weather in in November and December
Antalya’s latitude guarantees that the weather remains fairly good despite the fact that by December there may be more rain, perhaps 10 days in December. The sea temperature has now fallen below 20C with the average air temperature similar.