Fethiye Nightlife


There is not an hour of the day or night when something is not going on in Fethiye and the immediate vicinity. The bars and clubs keep late hours and well before places open for business in the morning there are people occupied in deliveries and preparations for the following day; they don’t keep the late hours of the tourists. 

Centre of Fethiye
Many people stay in their resorts, whether Calis or Hisonaru but there is plenty going on close to the harbour and in the narrow Old Town shopping streets of Fethiye. Two very popular bars are close together, the Car Cemetery which has two chassis sticking out of the wall and the Deep Blue Bar.  If you are on a Gulet cruise Gulet Cruise Fethiye, these bars are only 200 meters from the dock. 

On the harbour side Restaurants area of Fethiye, there are plenty of places to enjoy and in the weeks of summer, temperatures are such that most people sit outside in light clothing or shorts. There are places up on high looking down over the sea and where better to enjoy the night?

Calis has a fairly large ex-pat community and there are lively bars and restaurants all along the beach sea front, a decent beach and an inviting sea. Calis have Best Sunset of Fethiye.

In high season the main street is full. Everyone has a late licence so there is no need to go in search of anywhere in particular. Just take a seat anywhere you fancy. Buzz Beach Bar in Oludeniz always seems to be full