Fethiye Restaurants


There are a great range of restaurants in Fethiye, including some of the international brand fast food names. It would be a shame for anyone visiting Fethiye not to sample the excellent Turkish cuisine that can be found. There is an increasing number of fantastic restaurants on the harbourside and the old town has always had plenty of choices.

Chicken doner, burgers, chips and toasties are readily available for those who have limited time and want to eat on the move. Tourists are unlikely to be in that category whether you are coming into Fethiye from your hotel or hopping onshore whilst sailing on a
Fethiye gulet cruise, as Fethiye is a place to relax, sit and enjoy your meal.

Breakfast in Fethiye

There are many places that open early. The number of UK visitors has resulted in the full English breakfast being widely available on Calis Promenade or in Oludeniz and Hisonaru.

In the centre of Fethiye, it is more likely that a healthy Turkish breakfast will be the first choice for most. There are plenty of Lokantas which serve good economical Turkish food, though one of the nicest ways to experience a delightful Turkish breakfast is overlooking the harbour.

Top Restaurants in Fethiye

The Fish Market is one of the highlights of the town. There are a series of fresh fish stalls making up a square which is surrounded by a number of restaurants. Each will cook the fish that customers buy, offering salads, bread and any other accompaniments for a very reasonable price. Try Cem and Can in the corner close to the butcher's shop.

Megri in the Old Town, King’s Garden Restaurant below the Tombs and Captain’s Pearl looking over
 Fethiye gulet harbour are three ideas within Fethiye.

If you are heading for Calis then Denizati is worth a visit and up in Hisonaru Shine sells good quality Indian food, one of a number of places selling international cuisine.

Finally a novel idea; go to Kayakoy, the Greek Ghost town and visit Cin Bal; you can select your own meat and cook it using the grill behind the little door in the wall by your table.