Kos Best sunsets


Sunsets are spectacular in regions where there is little industry or pollution. The colours of yellow, gold, orange and red are wonderful and Kos can match the Eastern Mediterranean in general over the sights to be experienced when the sun sinks over the horizon.

It sets in the west and the Island of Kos. Long and narrow, heads south west from east to west. The beaches in the South West are especially good for sunsets, and the developed tourist infrastructure means that visitors can relax with a drink to watch it.

Kardamena Beach
This is one of the most popular beaches on Kos and as such many tourists are able to sit back at the end of the day to see the sun sink below the horizon before going to enjoy the restaurant and nightlife  in general.

The same applies to Kefalos. The climate on Kos is so good that there is never any need to go back to your hotel to change and grab a coat. It is T shirt and short weather long into the night.

This beach is excellent for families and although some will be heading for home before the singles and couples, it is worth enjoying the sunset before doing so.

Kos Town
The sky lights up wherever you are on Kos and the largest population is based in the Capital. Bars and restaurants all have outdoor seating allowing holidaymakers to enjoy this lovely part of the day.

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