Best activities on Symi


Inevitably, on a holiday on a small island surrounded by a crystal blue sea, water sports play an important role. 

Symi hosts a Festival between the months of July to September. It attracts significant national musicians that perform free concerts in the open air in Yialos while there are also dance and theatre events as well.

The Sea
Sailing is very popular and indeed many take to the sea as the only realistic access to many of the small coves and beaches on this otherwise rocky coastline.

Swimming, diving and snorkelling are popular as well with quiet beaches and coves ideal for those just wanting to relax and catch the sun; there is plenty of it.

Visitors to Symi often come on yachts and gulets that they have hired to see this beautiful island and the coastline in general.

Organised Tours & Walks
It is worth thinking about a short tour which will take you to the main features, sights and landmarks on the island and get some idea of Symi’s history as well as the chance to see the environment in all its glory. Many enjoy hiking though it is important to have plenty of water during the hot weather.