Symi Best beaches


There are many beaches, several isolated and quiet, even in high summer season. You can reach them all by boat.

St Nicholas Beach 
This rates as one of the top beaches on the Island.

Marathounda Beach 
Symi’s beaches are plentiful and it is worth visiting different ones during your holiday. Marathounda is top-rated.

Nanou Beach 
This beach is accessible by water taxi from Pedi.

Pedi Beach 
Pedi itself has a shingle beach and it is a very safe swimming area.

Toli Bay 
A great trip to the beach includes stunning views and a tavern on site when you get there.

Nos Beach 
Nos is just a short walk from Symi town. It is a small pebble beach with sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. Nos have Great sunsets.

Nimborio Beach 
This beach is also fairly close to Symi Town; a pebble beach with tavern, sun beds and some shade.