Symi How to get here


Symi is too small for an airport so visitors to Symi always end their journey on a boat. There are ferries from other Greek Islands as well as Turkey.

Most holidaymakers from overseas fly into Rhodes and take the ferry across to Symi. Rhodes has regular cheap charter flights from most regional airports in Europe once Easter arrives until the celebrations of Panormitis are finished. Rhodes to Symi day trips are popular anyway, a journey of 25 miles, as well as being airport transfers to your hotel.

Many popular cheap airlines have flights into Rhodes including Jet 2, Easyjet and Ryanair. 

Symi has good ferry links with both Greek Islands and the Turkish mainland. The most regular ones link Symi to Rhodes but there are also links with Kos as well as Turkish destinations, Bodrum and Datca, a favourite stopping point for all who sail along the western and southern coasts of Turkey and among the Greek Islands.

The Island itself is fairly small and easy to get around. In some cases it is water taxi to any of the small beaches as well as trips to help help explorers see more or reach hiking areas.