Restaurants on Symi


Mediterranean cuisine is renowned as one of the healthiest in the world. That is based upon the freshness of its ingredients, fruit and vegetables and on islands such as Symi, fish. Olive oil is central to the cuisine and regularly used as both a dressing and for cooking.  There are wild growing herbs together with dairy products producing such as yoghurt and cheese.

Inevitably with the growth of tourism there has been a wider variety of food available in recent times.

Seafood Specialists

•Spitiko Restaurant in Gialos
•Trata Trawler
•Taverna Meraklis

Typical Greek/Mediterranean

•The Olive Tree Café
•Mythos Restaurant
•Pantelis in Gialos
•Mediterraneo Café
•The Windmill Restaurant
•La Vaporetta


• The Muses
•Los Symi – Art Yacht Club which includes Japanese cuisine.

There are many more places, over 50 local establishments all of which are happy to see visitors and determined to provide then with a great experience. Stay as long as you like; they are mostly open until the early hours.