Symi Shopping


Every holidaymaker spends some of their time buying souvenirs and presents. Islands the size of Symi have no need for huge shopping complexes; there is simply no demand but there are some nice shops to buy local crafts and specialities.

There are great shops selling fresh fruit and vegetables and of course olive oil. The Fish Market is open early each day. If you are self-catering it’s worth getting up early to buy the day’s catch.

Takis Leather Fashion
Leather is a great buy on Symi and there are many interesting ideas on sale for those who pay a visit.

Botana Lemoni Symi
While herbs are readily available in supermarkets everywhere it is certainly worth going to an original source of herbs to take back home.

 Elefhereia’s Handmade Creations 
For something a little different try Elefhereia’s.

This is a nice boutique with plenty of fashionable items on display. If you want to dress up one up one night and haven’t bought anything appropriate try here.

Symi was famous for its sponges and somewhere to go both to buy and learn more about the history of sponges is Dino’s.