Symi Weather


The climate in the Eastern Mediterranean is fairly good even in the winter. Certainly temperatures rarely fall to the levels regularly found in North and West Europe during the winter and they can rise well into the 30s, in the case of islands moderated slightly by sea breezes.

Weather in Symi in January and February
There is plenty of sunshine in the months beginning the calendar year. On average there is likely to be 7 hours a day though equally likely it will rain for an average of 10 days each month. While temperatures may even reach 20C very occasionally the likely high is 15C, low 9C with an average of 12C. The sea is at its coolest at 17C. 

Weather in Symi in March, April and May
Average temperatures rise during this period, 13C at its commencement to over 20C by the middle of May. Tourists begin to arrive by the end of March. There will be around 6 days of rain during March reducing through these 3 months. Sea temperatures will begin to rise a degree or two. The top temperature in March of 17C rise to the upper 2Os by the end of May; the average has gone past 20C. 

Weather in Symi in June, July and August
Rain during these months is extremely rare. It is likely that there will be no clouds in the skies throughout this period with average temperatures in the upper 20s. Highs will exceed 30C and the sea will be at its warmest; an extremely pleasant 24/5C. 

Weather in Symi in September and October
Temperatures begin to fall slightly in September but highs in October will remain around 25C with the average still 20C. Rainfall is still rare though they increase in October. There should still be 9 hours of sunshine daily on average. The sea temperature will still be more than 20C and fine for swimming. 

Weather in Symi in November and December
Tourism begins to fall off early in November after the celebration at Panormitis and there are certainly bargains to be had before some of the tourist shops close for the winter. Winter comes slowly through the weeks of November with highs still 19C and 8 hours of sun. December is probably the month with most rainfall but that should only occur on average on 10 days. The sea temperature falls below 20C with highs in December of 16C and lows of 9C.