Enjoy the 12 Island Region Fethiye Tour

If you are visiting Turkey, the 12 island region Fethiye day tour should be included in your list of activities to do. There are hundreds of boats docked in Fethiye harbour and one of them can take you on this wonderful and memorable tour.
Each boat can usually accommodate 50 to 150 persons and all has stocked bars and toilets. A 12 island region Fethiye tour usually leaves in the mid-morning and returns in the early evening. The tour includes lunch, which is commonly composed of meatballs, fish or chicken, pasta, salad and fresh fruit.

Main Island Stops of the 12 Island Region Fethiye Tour
Though the tour says 12-island, there are about six major stops and the other islands are just to be passed by. Normally, the 12 island region Fethiye tour includes a stop at Flat Island (Yassicalar) for a swim. Taking a dip is also possible as well as touring the ruins at the next stop which is at Tersane Island. Lunch, swimming and snorkelling await you at the Aquarium Bay (Akvaryum). Other famous stops include Paradise Bay (Cennet Kou) and Red Island (Kizil Ada).
The Flat Islands are sandy islands that are connected beneath really shallow waters and the biggest of these islands has an incredibly deep salty lake that offers amazing visibility. It is possible to either wade or walk from one island to another and you can also enjoy swimming and tubing.
Tersane Island, the largest island in the Fethiye and Gocek Gulf has a 100-mile wide deep channel that offers easy access in the inlet. Here yachts can easily drop anchor almost anywhere except in the eastern part where water is too shallow. You can enjoy swimming and a bit of sightseeing when your cruise stops at Tersane Island.

Aquarium Bay is that enticing place ideally located between Gumbet and Bitez. This place is quite isolated and its name was given because it used to attract different kinds of fish. It is too bad though that tourism had somehow scared the fishes away. Still though, Aquarium bay is still a placer worth visiting because of its crystal clear blue waters that offer a haven for swimmers.
Finally, the 12 island region Fethiye day tour also stops at the Red Island where the water is great and the coast is full of pebbles that turns the colour red when the sun goes down.

On entering back into Fethiye harbour, guests will be returned to their hotels or can simply walk along the water's edge and make their own way back to their accommodation.
Alaturka day tours to the 12 Islands region in Fethiye are very reasonable, starting at just 15 euro per person. This includes pickup and drop off to your hotel, as well as a delicious buffet lunch. Don't forget to bring along your towel and sunscreen for a relaxing day on the crystal blue water of Fethiye.