Fethiye to Kas Gulet Cruise

Travelling to Turkey usually means taking a gulet cruise. A gulet is a traditional Turkish sailing boat, commonly designed with two masts (though there are three-masted gullets too). Today, gullets can measure from 14 to 30 meters and are being more commonly used for charter cruises, and one of the most commonly booked is the Fethiye to Kas gulet cruise package.

Fethiye to Kas Gulet Cruise Packages
If you are thinking of booking for the Fethiye to Kas gulet cruise, you should learn more about the packages that you can choose from.

There is the one-night Fethiye to Butterfly Valley gulet cruise, which is a good option for people who are just passing through and have other agendas in their vacation. This completes the first day of the 3-day tour and returns to Fethiye.

Another option is the three-day Fethiye to Kas gulet cruise, which is the perfect choice if you have more time on your hands. This option is one of the most popular cruises from Fethiye as it takes in many highlights of the Lycian coast but also lets you relax in quiet bays.

The private one-week gulet cruise from Fethiye to Kas or vice versa is also a good choice, especially for those who are really very much into yachting and sailing. This option is your best alternative if you really want that totally relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. Nothing beats having to stay on board a yacht with the crew always at your service as you let the days pass by. You can literally leave your worries behind as you enjoy the sea, the sand and the water.

Highlights of Gulet Cruises
Anyone of these packages is going to take you through the beautiful waters of Southern Turkey and the Mediterranean. This means you will have the chance to see a few attractions that previous Turkey travellers are boasting of like the Fethiye Peninsula, Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Gemiler Island, the Byzantine ruins, Yesilkoy, and of course, Kas.

If you go for the three-day or the one-week gulet cruise package, you can expect full on-board accommodations with regular three meals and tea at five in the afternoon, taxes in fuel costs and Turkish taxes, harbour dues, towels, bed linens, crew services, snorkelling equipment, fishing equipment and other onboard activities.

There is really something about taking your vacation while on a cruise. You wouldn’t have to spend a fortune though with a Fethiye to Kas gulet cruise because it can be quite affordable. We highly recommend the Fethiye to Kas three day, two-night tour which starts at just 195  euro per person. If you want more information on other gulet cruises, you may want to check out the ones being offered by Alaturka Yachting & Travel from not only Fethiye but all other ports along the Aegean and Mediterranean.