Gulet Cruises in Turkey – which port should I depart from?

It’s a great experience to explore mother nature on a natural vehicle, especially the beautiful coastal area of Turkey on a wooden gulet.  While embarking on Gulet cruises in Turkey, you come across different ports, historical ruins, stunning landscapes, fishing villages, sandy beaches and lots more! This is a regular travel place for tourists and the four main cruise ports are Bodrum, Fethiye, Gocek and Marmaris. But how to decide on which port to depart from? We’ve provided a bit more information on each destination to help you decide!

The first journey to mention is a gulet cruise beginning in Bodrum; one of the most popular tourist spots. Previously it was named Halicarnassus of Caria, a very old and well-known port city which is located in the southeastern area of Turkey. Let’s enter Bodrum to visit the famous spots:

  • Mausoleum: The city was very famous in the ancient times for Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the seven wonders. This is in fact an open-air museum which bears testimony to the achievements of the ancient people and attracts tourists from across the globe.

  • Amphitheatre: The amphitheatre was built at the time of Mausolus. The place has a sitting arrangement for 13000 people and was modified by the Romans.

  • Castle: A castle is found here which was crafted by the Crusaders in the 15th century. The castle floors are embedded with various underwater archaeology.

  • Ottoman Tower: This tower was made in 1794 to defend the shipyard of the city from the pirates.

  • Myndos Gate: The historical gate enclosed within four towers was built by Mausolus in the year 364 B.C., to protect the city from Alexander the Great and his troop.

    Gulet cruises in Turkey also depart from Fethiye, the next destination to note. This is a famous tourist centre comprising of natural beauties such as the very old Lycian towns. There are many boutique restaurants within this city. Tuesday is an important day in Fethiye as you can shop for plenty of things ranging from designer garments to fresh vegetables. For this reason, this harbour town is also known as a shoppers’ paradise. Again, the Taurus Mountain which surrounds the city is a haven for paragliders. The city also houses Oludeniz, a very popular beach, which, with its calm waters, is a must-visit destination for photographers.

    Now it’s time to check out Gocek, a natural village located at the top of Gulf of Fathiye. Many private charters and gulet cruises depart from this port. The bays at Gocek encircle plenty of small islands. These bays join with each other to offer a splendid view in different shades of green and blue.

    For Gulet cruises in Turkey, another convenient sailing destination is Marmaris, which is home to many different bays and also offers you enjoyment in the form of nightlife, shopping and restaurants. On the whole, every departing port is both a must-see and plenty to see.

    Deciding on which port or gulet cruise in Turkey to board can be a tough one, but the friendly staff at Alaturka will happily talk through your options including flights to these ports and itineraries available. Contact us at for more details.