Marmaris Private Charters

Marmaris…It is yet another popular tourist hotspot amongst the many that dot the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Located in the Mugla province, this scenic spot on the Turkish Riviera is ensconced between two sets of mountains. Previously a fishing town, it is now known for its unique geography and its nightlife, renowned for the sailing and diving activities in its two major marinas.
Though a sleepy old town, it is easily accessible via the multitude of blue cruises taking visitors to and from Marmaris. Turkey is famed for these cruises, where people from around the globe come with great gusto to enjoy the various beaches and port towns located along the Mediterranean.
Alaturka offers a variety of attractive packages during the tourism season of May to mid-October, from standard class gulets to deluxe. Private yacht charters in Marmaris is an attractive option for those who want to gather family and friends and all travel together. The trips last for one week and there are a variety of itineraries to choose from.

A popular Marmaris private charter includes the Fethiye to Marmaris return trip. Starting from Fethiye harbour, a busy port and an important stop for yachts, this tour starts off with a visit to Tersane Island. At Tersane guests enjoy a view of the antique remains of Greek and Roman shipyards on the beach, we will then stay at Ag Limani bay. Then the private yacht sets off to Ekincik area, with an option to take the Kaunos trip, with its centuries-old history. It was a city of ancient Caria and dates back to roughly 4th century BC. The mystical ruins can be easily visited by a boat trip, giving tourists a chance to immerse not only in the natural beauty but also the enchantment of an era long gone.

After swimming at the Turunc Buku, we finally arrive at Marmaris, also an ancient city and part of Caria. With a panoramic view of mountains, azure waters, and features like the Nimara Cave, time passes very quickly here, before its time to say goodbye and set off to Semizce the next day.
Further highlights include the beautiful Gocek Bay followed by the Batik Hamam Bay where travellers have the one of a kind experience of swimming not just in the peaceful sea, but also amid the ruins of ancient Roman baths. This is followed by a visit to Sarsala bay, a night stay at the Samanlik bay, before finishing the round trip by arriving back at Fethiye.

It is worthwhile to note that private yacht charters have negotiable and customisable routes, along with a choice between standard, air-conditioned and luxury yachts. The meal package is also up for choice. With so much flexibility, reasonable prices and diverse options, one can simply not ignore the lure of Marmaris private yacht charters.

Take the trip this season for a captivating tour of a land not just bestowed with pleasant sights, but also a magisterial history entwined between the Lycian, Carian and Persian era, which has for long been a fascination for historians and travellers alike. Yacht charters are perfectly comfortable, so do not hesitate to book yours now!