The joys of a private yacht charter in Turkey

Private yacht charters Turkey is one of the best ways to spice up your vacation in this country. If you are travelling to or you are in Turkey. there really is nothing better than floating on jade blue waters for a week sipping on your favourite cocktail and watching the sunset in the horizon. This is just the beginning…. luxury awaits on a private yacht charter in Turkey.

Total control
By chartering a private yacht in Turkey, you get total control of your holiday. From the port you depart from, the yacht you travel on and the itinerary you take. Moments on a private yacht charter in Turkey are never dull, it’s very much like a choose your own adventure.

Whether you want to swim, partake in watersports or simply relax on the sundeck of your gulet – all of this is at the doorstep of your moving hotel! By deciding on a private yacht charter over a cabin cruise you also get a lot more flexibility during your trip.

As it’s completely your holiday, if you decide you like one bay over another, you can communicate with your captain and we can change your itinerary during your cruise.

Comforts of home
If you charter a private yacht in Turkey, you simply open doors to options and a lot of luxury. From comfortable sitting spaces to elegantly designed cabins, your journey with Alaturka will be comfortable and extremely relaxing. Our gulets are equipped with kitchens, large sundecks, indoor lounge areas, bars and ensuite bathrooms. All the comforts of home and even more are compacted into your gulet ready to take you on a beautiful sea adventure.

Great Rates
Depending on the size of the gulet and class, guests can get great value for money. In many people’s minds, private yacht charter means expensive and something only rich people can do! This is not the case at Alaturka. We have gulets and itineraries to suit all budgets for private yacht charters in Turkey. Prices begin at 3000 euro per/week for a standard yacht that can house 12 guests. That’s just 250 euro per person for a one week holiday! Which works out cheaper than staying at a hotel!

So what are you waiting for, book your private yacht charter in Turkey with Alaturka today!