What to Expect from the Kemer to Kekova Cruise

For tourists who want a different kind of adventure, charter cruises are a recommended holiday alternative. This kind of vacation allows you to enjoy the different offerings that different locations can offer while giving you the time to relax and take pleasure in being pampered while on the cruise. If you are planning to visit Turkey, you should try the Kemer to Kekova cruise.
A Kemer to Kekova cruise can take you and your company to some of the Mediterranean’s most exciting ancient destinations. It also allows you to have fun while on the sea with the friendly and accommodating staff ready to do as your bidding.

Private Charter or Group Kemer to Kekova Cruise
There are two options open for tourists who would like to enjoy a Kemer to Kekova cruise; chartering a private boat and booking for a cabin on a group cruise.
Hiring an entire boat gives you and your company the chance to really enjoy the whole adventure without having to share the accommodations with other people. This is an ideal option if you are having a holiday with a number of people or if you are going on a honeymoon.
But, if you want to have a real adventure, your best choice is to join a regular group cruise and book your cabin. This option allows you to meet other people from different parts of the world while you get to enjoy a unique and exciting Turkish holiday. If you are worried about being with a crowd, you shouldn’t because with your own cabin, you get to enjoy some privacy and it also includes your own ensuite bathroom.

Kemer to Kekova Cruise Attractions
The following are some of the attractions that you can expect to see and enjoy in the regions around and between Kemer and Kekova:

Lycian Ruins (Olympos) – Most of the ruins that can be found on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast belonged to the Lycian empire, which includes the Olympos ruins that are now very popular for tourists and backpackers.

Bohemian town of Kas – Kas is a Bohemian town nestled in between the sea (Mediterranean Sea) and the Taurus Mountains. This is an ideal place to visit and stay for musicians, writers and artists.
Xanthos Ruins – The ruins at Xanthos is one of the reasons why many tourists prefer to take the Kemer to Kekova cruise. The ruins boast of the Xanthian Obelisk, an ancient Amphitheater, Pillar Tomb, and the Harpy Tomb.