Alaturka Cruises

One of the most tasty treats you can have whilst in Turkey is a gozleme - or otherwise referred to as Turkish pancake. Gozlemes will come either sweet or savoury and we say if you can fit in both, have them as they are so delicious. Whilst on the boat you are actually really spoilt as some of the best gozlemes in Turkey are served to you right on board your gules. As you anchor down at St Nicholas Island for the evening, keep an eye out of the little wooden rowing boats that are going to be near by or approaching. On board you will see a little lady, sitting cross legged under a table rolling out and cooking pancake after pancake. This is no mean feat either. The Turkish mama has probably been up the night before preparing all her ingredients and making her dough. You will get to witness this wonderful cook as she will roll out the dough to be paper thin. She will then fill it with your choice of filling - spinach and cheese being the most popular along with banana and chocolate for the sweet option. She will then cook it on the little hot plate she has on board and serve to you nice and hot. Your mouth will water whilst you wait for it to cool down enough to eat. No matter how hungry you may not feel you should always find room for that pancake. You will surely have to wait your turn as you will not be the only one wanting one on board, the lady will be there for up to an hour cooking pancake after pancake to fill all your bellies. And you know they are good as even the crew are lining up for their share. Be sure to have your camera on the ready as it is also a great little photo opportunity.