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Home to one of the world’s Seven Wonders, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Originally home to an ancient Greek city called Halicarnassus, originally part of a group of Greek cities known as ‘Doric Hexapolis’ which included the island cities of Kos, Cnidus, Lindos, Kameiros, and Lalysus. However, they were expelled from this group after breaking tradition by taking the prize of their sporting event home rather than dedicating it to the host city as was a tradition. The city was part of Caria with its ruler, Mausolus controlling from Halicarnassus. A Temple like tomb was built following his death, which gave creation to the term ‘mausoleum’ that is known today. On the harbour front is the castle of St. Peter built by crusading Knights Hospitaller, which used the remains of the mausoleum to build the impressive structure.

Today the town is a peaceful destination of small sugar cube style houses, with brightly coloured plants dotted around creating a perfect blend of man-made and nature. The harbour is a perfect place to walk, enjoy a coffee or simply sit and enjoy the view. As the sunsets and the Evening makes its way, restaurants offering fresh produce from the region with speciality fish restaurants filling their menus with international and traditionally inspired dished to delight every palate. For those who wish to continue their evenings in a livelier style can make their way to one of the famous clubs that receive international artists to their stages.

Classic: Standard gulets, these gulets are economic and does not have A/C.
Classic Plus: An upgrade on our standard gulets, including A/C and additional facilities.
Luxury: Luxury gulets that have larger & luxury cabins and more facilities.
Luxury Plus: Premium gulets with superior cabins and the best facilities.

How To Proceed

Step 1

Choose what type of gulet you would like to hire. Choose between standard gulet, a standard gulet with air-conditioning, luxury or even deluxe gulet.

Step 2

Choose a blue cruise route listed on the itineraries tab that may interest your group. Remember all itineraries can be customised to make this a holiday of a lifetime.

Step 3

Choose a meal package. Whether you would like to self cater and shop yourselves or the easier option of letting Alaturka provide the food for you. We offer standard, luxury and deluxe menu options and will also cater to all dietary requirements.

Step 4

Email us with all your information. If you are having a hard time to make up your mind, please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend a gulet and itinerary for you.