Alaturka Cruises

Set hidden in one of the many bays that make up the beautiful Gokkaya area is a bar like no other. Known as Smugglers Inn or also commonly known as the Pirate Bar - it is a night out that you will not have experienced anywhere else in your travels. Dinner is finished and you are either chilling out on the boat or kicking off the night with a few drinks when there will be the distinct sound of a putt putt boat coming towards your gules. All aboard for those who want to head to Smugglers for the night. On arrival to the little wooden jetty you step off and head up the path to find a multi terraced bar open to the elements. The bar serves everything from your local beer and wine to spirits and of course shots for those who really want to party on. The DJ is playing all the latest chart tunes and some old ones to get you all out on the dance floor. The bar is decorated in things from all over the world including mementos and and the world flags to acknowledge all those who have come to visit and dance the night away. For those who haven’t found their dancing shoes yet, there are also little lounge chill out areas where you can pick a spot and watch the night, which is sure to be of entertaining value. Depending on the night you are in the area you maybe the only boat there but it is more than likely that all your neighbouring boats will be coming to join you. So it really can turn into a larger than life kind of night. When you know it is time and you have had enough the bar’s boat will be at the ready, waiting to take you back to your gulet to call it a night. Whether you feel like a party or not, a bar in the middle of no where, hidden in a little cove on the coast of Turkey is something worth visiting.