Kas is virtually at the mid-point between the two international airports on this part of the Turquoise Coast, Dalaman to the west and Antalya to the east. It is on the coastal road hugging the shore and there are also road links heading inland through spectacular countryside. This is a region with a rich rich history, kas have great attractions and travelling around it is a pleasure

The transfer time from the two airports is over 2 hours yet the journey is extremely interesting through wonderful scenery, villages and fertile lands growing a range of produce. Both airports have cheap flights from many parts of Europe and the Middle East though it has to be said that the options from Antalya are much greater.

In the winter Dalaman retains domestic connections with Istanbul while Antalya remains a busy airport all 12 months of the year. You can arrange transfers to Kas from both though a taxi will be fairly expensive. Dolmus travel the coast as well but they will stop frequently, wherever anyone wants to board or leave the bus. If you have bought plenty you you need to think about the best way to get back to the airport and that may be private transfer.

As previously mentioned there is also a small airport on the island of Meis.

The ferry from Meis is one alternative though many yachts and gulets stop in Kas whilst cruising east or west. Alaturka have verious Gulet cruise Kas routes start/or end here.

The National Coach system is excellent and you can even climb aboard in Kas and arrange bus travel all the way to Istanbul, largely through the night. A long trip but inexpensive, many Turks prefer bus travel to anything else.

There is car hire at the airports and driving in Turkey is fairly straightforward as long as you use your mirror.