Symi Top attractions


Symi is a small island yet there is plenty to see and do by day, and it is a great place to relax at night as well.

Archaeological evidence suggests that it was continuously inhabited, and ruins of citadels confirm it was an important location during the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire.

In the heat of a summer's day it is sometimes nice to be inside in which case Symi Museum or the Archaeological & Folklore Museum are worth some of your time.

The island's famous Greek Orthodox monastery is visited by people from all over the world especially Greeks who pay homage to St Michael of Panormitis annually each November. Once that is over the Island becomes much quieter for the winter months until visitors return in the spring.

The Kastro 
It overlooks Symi, It was built by the Knights of St. John who took over Symi in 1373; they expanded an old Byzantine castle. There are also the remains of an ancient citadel on which the two subsequent castles were constructed.

Churches & Chapels
Symi Town has 13 churches and 12 chapels, some dating back to the Byzantines.