Most Popular and Exciting Things to Do In Fethiye

If you are planning to visit Turkey and contemplating the things to do in Fethiye, you should prepare yourself to be amazed with what’s in store for you. Fethiye is simply a tourist paradise. It boasts of numerous attractions and breathtaking sights that will surely keep every visitor wanting to coming back. With all the many things to do in Fethiye, the top things have been chosen and listed down to help leisure travellers in planning their Turkey holiday vacations. In no particular order, here are the top things to do in Fethiye:

Strolling in the Fethiye Old Town
One of the most important things to do in Fethiye – and probably the most natural – is to visit the Fethiye Old Town. Here you will get to enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Old Town as you get mesmerised with the number of shops where you can browse and buy souvenirs. To sum up your Old Town sauntering, you can get comfortable with a few drinks at the Deep Blue Bar.

Climbing up to the Fethiye Rock Tombs
If you are a bit of an adventurer, climbing up the Lycian rock tombs could be one of your choices for the things to do in Fethiye. Once you are there, you will enjoy the magnificent views of the Fethiye marina and the entire bay area.

Boating Trips
Going for boat trips is another popular adventure to experience in Fethiye. Among the many things to do in Fethiye, boating is probably one that offers the best value for your money. For six-seven hours, you can enjoy free lunch and five leisurely swim stops. You have the option to go boating with other tourists on board a big boat, or you can also enjoy maximum privacy by hiring a private boat.

Swimming in Fethiye Beaches
Your Fethiye vacation should be included with a swimming escapade in one or two of the best beaches in Fethiye. Your choices include; Samanlik bays, Aksazlar Bays, Boncuklu, Oludeniz and Kuleli.

Shopping at the Fethiye Market
Have you ever tried visiting a new country or location without taking a peek into the local market? That of course, is not a good idea especially if you are the kind of tourist that really wants to feel and experience local life. And visiting the local market is definitely one of the best things to do in Fethiye. Here you can shop at your heart’s content as you get to experience Fethiye’s shopping haven.

A Turkey vacation is never complete if you are not going to set foot in Fethiye. And your Fethiye experience is never going to be fulfilling if you ignore the best things to do in Fethiye. For more activities and things to do in Fethiye email us at