Enjoy Turkey Beach Holidays

Turkey beach holidays are synonymous with tourists occupying rows after rows of beach loungers, boisterous nightclubs and posh all-inclusive beach resorts. However, if you want something out of the ordinary, yet still as enjoyable, you can opt to find the best Turkey beaches and stay away from the crowd.

Cirali Beach
On this laidback resort, you get the chance to meet the loggerhead turtles as they lovingly bury their eggs in the sands. This site is covered in a citrus grove and located on a tapered plain between a long shingle beach and the mountains. The ancient city of Olympos is also located here and by just walking along the beach, you can get a glimpse of the famous ruins.

Iztuzu Beach
Another location popular for Turkey beach holidays is the Iztuzu beach. This protected 4.5km of Iztuzu beach is full of hard-packed sands and the tracks of the turtles that dragged their bodies ashore and can be seen during June and July. This beach, though lacking in sufficient shade is popular to family vacationers because of the gentle seabed that calms the waters.

Patara Beach
Turkey beach holidays are really exciting especially if you get to visit Patara’s excellent white-sand beach that is very popular being one of the longest incessant strands located in the Mediterranean. This beach measures nine km from the main access road to the Eşen Çayı’s mouth, and then there is another six km to the end. During the holiday seasons, it can be really crowded within the immediate vicinity of the Patara Beach, but there are some solitary spots that you can still have to yourself if you just walk northwest going past the dunes. Summer, of course, is the best time to visit here, but during spring and fall, it can also be delightful to swim in the waters.

Kargi Beach
Bodrum has a reputation as a location that holds some of the most popular beaches in the Mediterranean. That is why many tourists opt to stay here. But, being popular does not necessarily mean that Bodrum is a crowded place all the time. There is one particular spot where you can enjoy some peace and quiet while enjoying the beach and the blue waters, and that is Kargi Beach, which is also famous for Turkey beach holidays.

Aside from the above-mentioned locations there are many other places where you can truly enjoy Turkey beach holidays. Turkey, after all, is a true paradise on earth.